How To Make Your Home Cozy for the Holidays

The holidays can bring about many fun traditions that you only get to experience once a year. Transforming your home could be one more thing to look forward to. Even the smallest touches can benefit from the interior designers Holmby Hills residents can consult to create a cozy space for the season.

Intimate Seating Spaces

If your home becomes a gathering space for all sorts of holiday get-togethers, you can encourage great conversations by organizing small areas for people to chat while warming up with a hot cocoa or eggnog. New furniture pieces can be redistributed throughout the house once you’re back to a normal routine. Or you can give them away. As Colleen of Income Realty says, holidays are for gifting and giving away. So keep the holiday spirit alive even after the holidays and help the ones in need!

Warm Lighting

You may choose this time of year to replace those old light fixtures you’ve always hated, but you can still get equal impact with the addition of more lamplight. Keep the overhead lighting dim and let warm accent lights illuminate the space. Darker lampshades allow less filtration, which creates an even cozier feel.

Festive Art and Accessories

If you’ve never decorated for the holidays beyond putting up a tree, now’s the time to consider the impact of festive decorations. Existing artwork can be easily swapped out for new winter-centric pieces. Top end tables with scented candles that reflect the smells of the season. Use greenery to bring the outdoors in for a woodsy feel that’s dripping with comfort.

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Warm Linens

Colder temperatures outside motivate people to stay even warmer once indoors. Put your normal bedding sets away for the season and replace them with thick, plush comforters. Spend the money to outfit the rest of your home with soft throw blankets, so you always have one within hand’s reach. Visiting family members will also feel at home with these familiar comforts.

Make the process of cozying up your house a yearly tradition. You can find the interior designers Santa Monica homes need to transport you to the holiday season.

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