Tips About Shaker Kitchen Cabinets You Need to Know About

There is a buzz about shaker cabinets. It is a justified trend because this type of cabinetry is unique and has some undeniably great features.

But what is shaker style kitchen cabinets? This question forms the basis of the discussion here where we will highlight everything that you need to know about shaker kitchen cabinets.

What is shaker-style cabinetry?

Several features define shaker cabinets. The main features are:

– Square edges

– Flat panel

– Clean lines  

– Minimal detailing

Simplified, shaker kitchen cabinets have a center panel characterized by square edges and clean lines. The best way to picture shaker cabinetry is to imagine a rectangular wood slab with a square-shaped box inside it. Shaker cabinets have four corners and an inset panel that defines their frame.

Unique features of shaker cabinets

The timeless appeal of shaker cabinets is embedded in the features of this set of cabinets. All shaker-style cabinetry should have these features:


The top reason why shaker kitchen cabinets are very popular is that they are simple. They have a simple and timeless design that makes them adorable to many. Unlike other types of cabinets that have adopted complex designs, shaker cabinets have simple lines that make them simple and unique.

Top-class craftsmanship 

The history of shaker cabinetry is rich in great craftsmanship. This type of cabinet was crafted by skilled craftsmen known as shakers. Their design is precise and requires skilled professionals in modern times to craft them.

Think about it, if you can’t get the edges right or the inset panel, you can’t have shaker cabinetry. Therefore, good shaker kitchen cabinets have great workmanship that guarantees longevity.

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Quality wood 

A majority of shaker cabinets are manufactured using high-quality hardwood. This feature is important because it defines the overall quality of the cabinets as well as their longevity.

However, it is a feature that you must confirm with the seller before you commit to buying the cabinets. The best way is to ask for a sample before you order a whole set of shaker cabinets for your kitchen.

While ordering shaker kitchen cabinets, you should be specific about your expectations of the wood type and type of finish. This will define the cost of cabinets but you would rather buy expensive cabinetry that will meet your quality demands than buy cheap options that will disappoint you soon after the installation.

Types of finishes for shaker cabinets

Personal preference will determine the kind of finish you will have for your kitchen cabinets. However, here are some expected options that you can explore:

Painted finishing 

You can use paint to give your cabinets an exquisite appearance. It is also a fine type of finish that allows the shaker cabinets to retain their recessed edges. It is a unique finishing type because it seems more intrinsic.

Burnished finishing 

It is an option that will give your shaker kitchen cabinets an aged appearance. It is a process that comes after the cabinets have been painted. You will need to start by distressing the cabinets before you sand. Afterward, you can burnish the cabinets.

You need to be very careful if this is your chosen finishing style. It looks simple but has heightened precision expectations. The best approach is to avoid DIY when burnishing your shaker cabinets lest you destroy the original look of your cabinets.

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Thermofoil finishing 

The top reason for using thermofoil is to enhance the durability of your shaker cabinets. This type of finishing is known as a vinyl wrap and it involves applying it on dense areas of the cabinets under high temperature and intense pressure.

Polyurethane finishing 

It is a finishing style used to bring out a rustic and earthy feel in the kitchen.

You can pick any type of finishing depending on your primary purpose and personal preference.

Type of kitchens ideal for shaker cabinets

There are specific types of kitchen spaces that are very receptive to shaker cabinets.

Modern kitchen spaces 

Modern kitchen spaces are ideal for shaker cabinetry because their features intertwine. Both modern kitchen spaces and shaker cabinetry are simple. Therefore, you can easily install this type to enhance modernity in your kitchen space.

Traditional kitchen spaces

Using polyurethane finishing, you can achieve an earthy feel in your kitchen space. This can work well in a traditional kitchen space that values the rustic and earthy feel. However, you will need other additional fixtures to make the kitchen space truly traditional. For example, you can add some vintage items inside the shaker kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen feel traditional.

Can shaker cabinetry work well in small kitchen spaces?

Shaker cabinets are the best fit for small kitchens. The reason is that small kitchen spaces need simple cabinetry designs like shaker-style that will help to make the kitchen feel bigger.

You can even make it better by using white shaker cabinets in your small kitchen. The combination of the white color and the shaker design will help to make your kitchen feel bigger.  

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It is also possible to install shaker cabinets in a big kitchen space.

Reasons to install shaker cabinets

Enhance beauty 

Shaker cabinets are beautiful in the kitchen. You should consider them simply because of their beauty. They match other kitchen elements pretty well to elevate your kitchen’s beauty further.


Unlike other types of beautiful kitchen cabinets, the shaker is pretty affordable. You can install them even when you are working on a budget. However, you should also be mindful of the sellers selling shaker cabinets very cheaply. They might not fulfill the quality expectations. Therefore, buy affordable shaker kitchen cabinets from trusted sellers.

Fits most kitchen spaces

You don’t have to worry about shaker cabinetry fitting in your kitchen space. They have a simple design that will always match the requirements of your kitchen’s theme and style.


Shaker cabinets are an option that every homeowner has when they are looking for unique cabinets for their kitchen spaces.

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