New Green Living With Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Did you know that natural wood cabinets are trending at the top in 2023? Well, sounds interesting. Why? Wood-based cabinets are sharply stark representations of vintage fashion, a reminder of the past old country life. 

But why are they outperforming modern-style drawers in modernity? This is the burning question we sought to find answers to in our latest comprehensive review of ideas on natural wood kitchen cabinets. 

We discovered that wood cabinets have countless offerings for homeowners. Do you want to discover the benefits of natural wood cabinets? Continue reading to explore them and launch your kitchen remodel project courtesy of wood-based cabinets. 

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Explained

As suggested by their name, natural wood kitchen cabinets are types of cabinets whose main defining attribute is natural wood material. Whereas you can find them in versatile shapes, different colors, and contrasting layouts, they are always classified together all because they are crafted from natural wood. 

The most common varieties of natural wood cabinets include the following; 

#4: Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

 Celebrated globally for its toughness, hickory is a type of hardwood that is very common in cabinet manufacturing. Cabinets engineered from this natural wood have been popular choices for homeowners from time immemorial, thanks to the fact that their durability and strength are unmatched. 

#3: Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak cabinets are the most popular varieties of wood-based cabinets. Unlike hickory cabinets, the majority of which are admired for their toughness, oak cabinets are revered for their glamorous honey-color brownish tones and coarse finishes. Nevertheless, oak cabinets are also as strong as hickory or any other natural wood kitchen cabinet design. 

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#2: Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry cabinet varieties include types of natural wood kitchen cabinets defined by amazingly patterned straight-grained surfaces. In terms of strength and durability, hickory cabinets are as remarkable as the major types of natural wood cabinet designs, for example, the likes of hickory, oak, and maple. 

#1: Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Like many varieties of natural wood cabinets, maple cabinets are iconic in a myriad of dimensions, from visual outlook to functional importance, strength, and compatibility with several interior designs. Unlike hickory and cherry cabinets, however, maple cabinets are very common and so, easier and cheaper to access and buy respectively. 

Are Natural Wood Cabinets Good for My Kitchen? 

Of course yes! From our observation, natural wood kitchen cabinets are some of the best interior décor materials homeowners can go for. 

The un-ignorable benefits of natural wood cabinets include the following; 

  • Impressive Longer Lifespans

Of all the varieties of natural wood cabinets we have reviewed above, there’s not a single one that lacks an attribute of strength and durability. Generally speaking, wood-based cabinets surpass almost all artificial modern-style cabinets in terms of popularity mostly because of their durability status. 

  • Functionality

Apart from the fact that they are durable and longer-lasting, natural wood cabinets are beneficial in terms of making interiors functional. Because of their solid wood material components, these drawers are the best at making interiors warm and cozy. When in natural wood countenance, wood-based cabinets can match almost all colors and interior designs. 

  • Ease of Access

Since they are produced directly from the environment without the need for a major industrial process, natural wood kitchen cabinets are easier to access compared to cabinets with artificially crafted materials like laminate and metals. This explains why wood-based cabinets are everywhere, from homes to hospitals, school offices, hotel lounges, and so on. 

  • Ease of Outfitting
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In case your natural wood cabinets get old or appear to be worn out or rusty, you can easily give them a facelift. This is particularly because compared to artificial materials, natural wood is easier to outfit and refurbish. 

Unlike metals and laminate materials, most of which are very resistant to modification, wood can easily be modified and transformed in terms of shape and size. In this respect, cabinets made of wood stand out as recyclable, which is partly the reason they are globally rendered as valuable cabinetry designs. 

  • Varieties of Design Options

As we noted earlier, wood-based cabinets, including natural wood kitchen cabinets, exist in countless varieties. In this article, we have only mentioned a few; that is, oak, maple, hickory and cherry cabinets. If you visit furniture stores both online and physically, you will find tens of varieties of natural wood cabinets, all of which feature all fashion trends, from classic to the present times. 

Where Can I Find Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

To find natural wood kitchen cabinets, simply visit any online shopping platforms dealing with cabinets. You will be handed an ample opportunity to window-shop until you find the varieties worth your money. Alternatively, you can walk into any land-based or physical furniture showroom within or outside your location. 

Natural wood cabinets for sale always exist in two broad types. They are; 

  • Fully-Assembled Natural Wood Cabinets

These are the types of cabinets that are sold and shipped in a pre-installed format. If you choose them, all you will do after buying them is fix them inside the interior you intended them for. Unfortunately, pre-installed cabinets are more often expensive, especially compared to RTA cabinets. 

  • Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Cabinets
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Unlike pre-installed cabinets, RTA cabinets are sold and transported to a buyer in an uninstalled format; meaning, the buyer must first merge various cabinet parts before fixing the installed cabinets into an interior. Whereas they may seem complicated to handle, RTA cabinets are cheaper to acquire and effortless to customize. Natural wood kitchen cabinets sold and delivered in RTA format are considerably the simplest RTA cabinets to install and modify, thanks to the functional properties of hardwoods. 

 Final Thoughts

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are trending wildly in 2023 and are outstandingly unrivalled in terms of benefits. Besides the popular fact that they are the most durable and long-lasting cabinetry designs, natural wood cabinet varieties are functional in terms of styling, ease of outfitting, and maintenance, and are uniquely versatile. You can find them effort-free in different natural wood material textures and colors, shapes, as well as layouts.

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