DIY Projects To Enrich A Child’s Wellbeing


Children of all ages need to be enriched, and they need to be supported, and there are lots of activities and DIY projects that you can do to enhance a child’s wellbeing. When a child feels better about themselves and they feel more positive, they will then take a different view and on life in general (and on what may or may not be happening specifically in their life). When you undertake DIY projects with children (or even when you let them create on their own) you give them freedom, and you give them a sense of achievement. So, what projects can you do to enrich a child’s wellbeing?

Create a Unique Piece of Artwork

Let children explore their passion and creativity through creating a piece of artwork. Either using paint or coloured pencils, you will find that children will be able to produce pieces of art, and pictures that show how they feel, and even show what they are thinking about. Creating a piece of artwork from scratch, and giving children the opportunity to create one that is unique to them will give them a sense of achievement and pride. 

Build a Treehouse or Other Place of Safety

All children (especially little ones) love being outside, and they love exploring the world around them. Building a treehouse, or another type of den (or place of safety) for them (or even with them) will make them feel safe, loved and happy. Outdoor projects give children the chance to be free and open up about what they may be feeling and thinking. They are great projects to embark on, and if you are currently looking after children outside of your family unit; for example, if you are fostering in the north east, you could use a treehouse or other type of den as a place of safety and security for them. Scavenging for materials and taking your time to build a fantastic hideaway for children would make them feel loved and valued.

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Create and Make Musical Instruments

Children need the opportunity to express themselves, and they can often do this through the medium of music. Buying musical instruments can be a nice treat and a surprise for older children. However, younger children will enjoy getting creative and making their own. From a home-made guitar to a home-made drum kit made out of kitchen utensils, DIY musical instruments can give children hours of fun; and leave them feeling happy and content, too.

Build Projects That You Can Get Involved With, Too

Children can get frustrated when tackling DIY projects all by themselves, so it is important to assist and help them where possible. Give your time, patience and love to the children that you are looking after, and never rush through a project. If you rush through a project, you can leave children feeling a mixture of emotions (and of course, not all of them are good). When you are working on a DIY project, always focus on creating an object that children will love and cherish.

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