VIC Guide to Demolition Melbourne

It is needless to say that with changing times, your house should also change its looks. This may not be possible unless you demolish the entire or even part of your property for remodeling purposes. Demolishing your house is not something that can be done by you. You need help from professionals to do the job for you. Demolition of a property should not be a haphazard job if you hire professionals to do it for you. However, here are some demolition tips from BISON Demolition Group that can make your house remodeling and demolition a simple process.

  • Remove Wood Screw Easily: Sometimes, when you try to drive a screw into a wooden board and the head breaks off, there are tricks to deal with such situations to save time. Instead of wasting time searching for locking pliers to pull the screw out, you should use your drill. All you need to do is loosen the chuck and tighten it around the screw shank. Run the drill in the reverse direction and the screw will automatically come out.
  • Get Rid of Nails Easily: When it comes to various tools used in the demolition process, one of the most commonly used is the crescent code red nail pulling pliers. It is basically a plier-like nail puller that can easily pull out anything as long as a small part of the nail is still sticking out to help the pliers grab it. There are some really tough nails to get rid, such as coated framing nails. You need to use a pipe and put it over the handle to help you get added leverage. With the help of this tool, you can also take out large sized screws. However, you need to remember that this will make a mess of the board.
  • Make Large Pieces: It is needless to say that tearing down drywall can be a rather frustrating experience, since it always crumbles down into small pieces. As a result of this, it takes a really long time to complete one wall at a time. It will not be a bad idea to take some more time and try to search for the seams in-between the different sheets and try to cut them open with the help of a utility knife. Make a few holes to enable your hands to fit in. instead of pulling it hard, just try to wiggle and tug the drywall away until the screw heads break through.
  • Do Not Dispose the Buckets: It is important for you to remember that buckets are the best friends for any remodeler. Buckets can be used for mixing, string water, hauling heavy debris, organizing fasteners, dragging tools both in and out, bailing water, setting stuffs on, and sitting on. Now you will understand why some centers sell empty buckets. Thus, try and store away those old and usable buckets.
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There are many such tips that can help you with your house demolition job. These tips will not just help you save some time it will also save your energy.

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