40 Unique Gifts For Men – Awesome List For 2018

Presenting a gift to a man is always a tough choice, because first of all, you must have to know what he likes and what he doesn’t like. According to research over the internet and Pinterest, men always love kind of stuff as a gift which they can use in daily life or at-least occasionally. Something like a personalized phone case from sites like Mobile Mob, for example, could be a great gift for any man, especially if they use their phone all the time. In today’s age, something tech-related always goes down well. You can check out Coolest Gadgets if your dad loves helpful widgets, your grandad loves appliances to make his life easier or if your brother is always moaning that he loves the newest gadgets.

Unique Gifts For Men

So if you are thinking to give a gift to your husband, boyfriend or dad. You must have to do some research before you buy the gift. Some people may already have ideas as to what they want to get the men in their lives. Whether it is personalized phone cases, gadgets or even kitchen appliances, whatever they’re gifted, we’re sure they’ll appreciate it. We have rounded up over the internet and find out some Unique Gifts ideas which men’s definitely love. Check out our list of 40 Unique Gifts For Men – Awesome List For 2018.

Custom Bottle Opener Wall Mount

Men love beer and many times they forget where they have kept the bottle opener. Gifting them a custom bottle opener wall mount will be quite useful for them. They no longer have to look for an opener, anyone in the house can use it and the best part is, it’s quite useful while throwing a home party. To make it more personal, carve the initials of his name on it or anything you want to. He will love it!

Custom Bottle Opener Wall Mount
shop.nordstrom.com – Custom Bottle Opener Wall Mount – Buy it From Here

Leather Cord Management

It’s a very useful gift for men who usefully find their earphones or charger cords entangled or lying anywhere in the room. You can organize those entangled cords by gifting them a leather cord management. They can easily keep their charger socket, its cord, headphones or any other such cable securely in it.

Leather Cord Management
www.gifts.com – Leather Cord Management – Buy it From Here

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Hammered Moscow Mule Mug

Hammered Moscow Mule Mug is used to drink or serve the none other than the famous Russian Traditional drink Moscow Mule, made up of Vodka and Ginger Beer. It’s a great gift for your male friend who loves to party and enjoys traditional cocktails. The set of these glasses will enhance the taste of the drink as well as set everyone’s mood.

Hammered Moscow Mule Mug
wanelo.co – Hammered Moscow Mule Mug – Buy it From Here

Six Pack Bottle Cooler

Are you planning a trip with your Bae or going on a group outing? This Six Pack Bottle Cooler can be a great gift for your male friend who is hosting such an outing. Not only it will be useful at that time but it can further be utilized by them to keep their bottles cool while travelling, going on a picnic or outing.

Six Pack Bottle Cooler
www.aliexpress.com – Six Pack Bottle Cooler – Buy it From Here

Outdoor Inflatable Lounger

It is a best gift for your male friend who loves adventure and outings. Imagine him lying by the side of the river or enjoying camping by lying on this outdoor inflatable lounger. He will cherish this gift forever and will remember you whenever he will use it. Its comfortable, easy to use and can be carried to any place.

Outdoor Inflatable Lounger
Ebay – Outdoor Inflatable Lounger – Buy it From Here

Iphone Paper Clip Holder

Do your guy friend or partner loves organized things? Does it make him cranky if he see things lying here and there? If yes then this iPhone paper clip holder will be the best gift for him, it can be gifted on any occasion. In fact you can gift it to your dad or brother to organize their stuff so that they can easily find the things and keep their desk clean.

Iphone Paper Clip Holder
www.etsy.com – Iphone Paper Clip Holder – Buy it From Here

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bose is the king of sound. All its devices are awesome and every guy seeks to have one. Why not this time surprise your guy by gifting this amazing Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker. Irrespective of the occasion, this speaker will spread its charm. After all guys love the music and with Bose, you get the best.

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker
www.zzounds.com – Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Buy it From Here

Star Wars R2 D2 Can Cooler

The star war character R2-D2 was the most reliable one amongst all the characters of star wars. Therefore the Can Cooler is named after it, to show case the same reliability and long lasting properties. If your guy is a big fan of star war, he will love Star Wars R2 D2 Can Cooler. The grip is good, the logo is amazing and the feel itself is fantastic.

Star Wars R2 D2 Can Cooler
www.thinkgeek.com – Star Wars R2 D2 Can Cooler – Buy it From Here

Apple Sport Watch

For all fitness freaks or those who are trying their best to remain fit, Apple Sport Watch can be a great gift. By wearing this, it’s easier to monitor your healthy life. Apart from this, we all know Apple is one of the renowned companies in the gadget industry, everyone person wants to have its gadget, so surprise your guy by gifting this amazing apple sport watch on his birthday, your anniversary or any other occasion.

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Apple Sport Watch
www.univermak.ru – Apple Sport Watch – Buy it From Here

GoPro Hero4 Silver

Is photography your guy’s first love? Well to add more to the love story, gift him the GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera. It has an enhanced sensor which will help him in capturing better quality pictures. It is one of the best little cameras which one can easily carry around and still can click stunning pictures.

GoPro Hero4 Silver
www.saintbernard.com – GoPro Hero4 Silver – Buy it From Here

Star Wars Jedi Master Fleece Bathrobe

Who said boys don’t like to show off? Well, not as much like a girl, they still love to show off a bit. If your Guy friend, partner, or brother is a big fan of Star Wars, then Star Wars Jedi Master Fleece Bathrobe can be a great gift for him. He can wear it and become a Jedi himself. You can gift it on any occasion.

Star Wars Jedi Master Fleece Bathrobe
www.amazon.com – Star Wars Jedi Master Fleece Bathrobe – Buy it From Here

Ceramic Liquor Decanter

Hosting party is a thing for your guy, then ceramic liquor decanter can add more glam to his parties. Well a guy’s party without booze seems a bit incomplete, give your man this gift and let him throw the most craziest party he ever wanted to host.

Ceramic Liquor Decanter
www.gifts.com – Ceramic Liquor Decanter – Buy it From Here

Stainless Steel Double Cigar Flask

This can be a fantastic gift for those who love cigars. It’s basically a combo of guy’s two favorite things, the cigar and the flask. It’s made up of stainless steel, can hold two cigars and 2 ounces of your favorite liquor or beverage. Perfect set for fashionable men who like classy things in life.

Stainless Steel Double Cigar Flask
www.gifts.com – Stainless Steel Double Cigar Flask – Buy it From Here

Leather Money Clip And Card Holder

It can be a great addition to your daily life, it has a slick design, and can easily be carried in your pockets. You can buy it for yourself to keep the cards safe or you can gift to your friends or relatives. The leather gives a perfect finish and look to the card holder.

Leather Money Clip And Card Holder
www.ebay.com – Leather Money Clip And Card Holder – Buy it From Here

Personalized Couples Keychains

It can be a great way to tell your partner how much you love him. Gift him the Personalized Couples keychains, with your initials on it or anything you want him to carry wherever he goes. You can keep the same thing for yourself, in this way no matter how far you guys will be, you will always feel connected and keep your love with you.

Personalized Couples Keychains
www.etsy.com – Personalized Couples Keychains – Buy it From Here

Mens Leather Watch Case

Is your man a watch lover? He has a collection of them and still crave for more? Then this can be a useful gift for your man. Give him a beautiful, classy Men’s leather Watch Case so that he can keep all his collection at a single place with safety and security. It can be used as a gift for any occasion, so next time when you get confuse what to buy, you can simple buy this.

Mens Leather Watch Case
www.gifts.com – Mens Leather Watch Case – Buy it From Here

Wooden Beer Holder

Wooden Beer Holder can easily hold 6 beers in it and has an antique opener attached to it, so that you never forget to carry one with you. You can simply put your beer in it, and travel anywhere you want. Be it a camp, long drive or a picnic, this wooden beer holder can be quite fruitful. You can even use it to keep your beer at a place in a party, your guests will definitely compliment it.

Wooden Beer Holder
www.gifts.com – Wooden Beer Holder – Buy it From Here

Monogram Wooden Watch

We have so many options in a wrist watch, yet at times the antique and unique things allure us the most. If you are one of them who love to have a rustic or different look, then Monogram Wooden Watch is the best option for you. You can either buy it for yourself or you can use it as a gift for your friends or family members. Girls can even surprise their partner with this stunning Monogram Wooden Watch.

Monogram Wooden Watch
www.gifts.com – Monogram Wooden Watch – Buy it From Here

Allbirds Wool Runners

For sports lovers, joggers, runners and fitness freaks, Allbirds Wool Runners can be a great gift. It is comfortable, available in all sizes and keep your feet warm even in the cold. You can easily wear them and run across without feeling any discomfort in your feet. Shoes are one thing, which no guy will ever say NO to, so next time when you have to buy a gift for your man, buy this.

Allbirds Wool Runners
coolmaterial.com – Allbirds Wool Runners – Buy it From Here

Snow Peak Single Wall Titanium Mug

It is one of the most popular ultralight mugs by Snow Peak made up of Single Wall Titanium which can be used to directly heat the freeze dried meal over a flame. Its best for those who love instant food and always look for ways where less effort should made to cook it. If you are planning to go on a picnic outdoors on a snowy day, this can be your savior to cook freeze meals in the open on a bonfire.

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Snow Peak Single Wall Titanium Mug
snowpeak.com – Snow Peak Single Wall Titanium Mug – Buy it From Here

Toiletry Dopp Kit

Toiletry Dopp kit is a small pouch used to store your toiletry essentials while travelling. The history of Dopp kits are quite old, as it started way back in 1900’s when a German leather goods maker made first of these. These bags have a vintage look yet provides modern functionality. Those who are always on a go, will definitely love to have one.

Toiletry Dopp KitBuy It Now

Foldover Fob

Foldover Fob provides you the simplest way of organizing your keys. It is made up of hand tooled leather and not only gives a stylo-look but also functions well. It also keeps your keys silent, avoiding all the jingling noise created by them, by tightly securing them around the brass bolt. You can easily carry it in pouch, bag or in your pocket. It’s a great gift for anyone who holds a lot of keys.

Foldover FobBuy It Now

Phone Holder

Not always we find a electric socket near our bed or couch. At times, they are at a distance, even from the ground, which makes it quite difficult for us to charge our phones with the small charging cord. Stop hanging your phone with the cords while charging, use this amazing phone holder and provide a safe, secure place to put your phones while charging. It prevents your phone or charger from damage. Its handy and quite useful.

Phone HolderBuy It Now

Front Pocket EDC Minimalist Wallet

The wallet is designed in such a way that one can easily carry it in his front pocket or even in the back pocket. You can easily carry your daily needed things in it. It is for those who hate to carry ha big fatty wallet filled with all the necessary as well as unnecessary things. Keeping it clean, simple and easy to carry is the main aim of designing these Front Pocket EDC Minimalist Wallet.

Front Pocket EDC Minimalist WalletBuy It Now

Leather Backpacks

It’s a one backpack to carry all your essentials while travelling for a business meet, leisure trip or any other trip. You can keep your electronic stuff, writing tools, cards, etc together in it, safely and securely. The leather covering will protect it from any sort of damage, and you can easily find the things you are looking for at the same place. The small sized backpack is best used while going on a conference, meeting, etc.

Leather BackpacksBuy It Now

Handmade Leather Wallet

Leather is one of the fabrics which is known for its long lasting quality and durability. Men love stuff made up of leather. Handmade Leather Wallet is one such item, which guys will adore to have. It has a slick design, alluring look and keeps you money and cards safe within. Easy to carry, wont worn out so easily and gives a classy look. So, buy it now either to use yourself or to gift your guy friend, brother or father.

Handmade Leather WalletBuy It Now

Gearwheel Bracelet for Men

Who said men doesn’t like accessories? Well, there are men who love fashion and fashion accessories. For them, Gearwheel Bracelet for Men can be a great gift. You can gift it on any occasion. Its design is simple, easy to wear, made of pure leather cord, available in brown color having a gear wheel in antique bronze. It can be adjusted as per the length. It is uniquely designed for men who love to wear bracelets.

Gearwheel Bracelet for MenBuy It Now

Personalized Wood Phone Docking Station

It is a fantastic gift for any man, be it your father, son, friend, brother or partner. It is used to organizer things on your table, either in home or in office. You can even order the one with personalization, carving the initials of the person on it or even with the full name. One can easily keep things like phone, keys, wallet, watch, etc on it. Using it will save your guy’s time in searching all these items while going out.

Personalized Wood Phone Docking StationBuy It Now

Travel Cigar Station

It is a leather travel case, used to keep the finest cigars of your choice safe while travelling. It is the best way to transport your cigars safely and with a style. The guys who love cigars will truly appreciate having a Travel Cigar Station. It has a sleeve to put cigars safely in it, have a jet flame lighter inside, stainless steel ashtray, etc. So surprise your guy friend by gifting it.

Travel Cigar StationBuy It Now

Whiskey Barrel Wood Watch

The best part of buying this Whiskey Barrel Wood Watch is not only you will surprise your guy with it but you will also contribute something for the society. Since the manufacturer plants a single tree with every purchase of a watch. You can have a classy look while wearing this watch and can impress the people around you with it. It can be a great gift for birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

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Whiskey Barrel Wood WatchBuy It Now

Handmade Wooden Alcohol Dispenser

Handmade Wooden Alcohol Dispenser is the center of attraction of every booze party. Be it a birthday, anniversary, office party or match celebration, you can double the joy with this lovely alcohol dispenser. It looks great, the finishing is perfect and dispenses the liquor perfectly. No-fuss when you are using it for your parties. The host and guest both can enjoy the party. Gift it to party lovers and let them enjoy this creativity to the core.

Handmade Wooden Alcohol DispenserBuy It Now

Leather Beer Holder + Bottle Opener

Hand stitched leather beer holder, having a vintage bottle opener, is a perfect gift for any beer lover. Best gift for the groom-to-be for his bachelors party, or to the group of people who doesn’t miss a single match and watch every single one together. Guys will enjoy it, it makes easier for them to hold the chilled bottle, with the convenience of opening it whenever you want.

Leather Beer Holder + Bottle OpenerBuy It Now

Personalized Beard Comb

Beard is in fashion, so is Beard comb. This small handmade personalized beard comb is crafted with the finest bamboo scales and which can be personalized by carving your guy’s initials, name, nickname or anything else on it. It works perfectly to comb the bread to give it a proper setting. One can use it for any occasion while grooming and can carry it with him anywhere he goes. Best gifts for boys, husband, friends, brothers, etc.

Personalized Beard CombBuy It Now

Leather Journal with Trees

Leather Journal with trees can be a great gift for those who love to travel and maintains a journal to keep track of it. Even those who love to write will find it quite alluring. The leather cover with printed trees on it, gives it a more attractive look. It’s easy to carry and one can simply use it to write anywhere and anything.

Leather Journal with TreesBuy It Now

Unique Table Lamp

Unique Table Lamp gives a rustic look and add charm to your interiors. You can even use it as study lamp, bedside lamp, etc. Its best for those who study late at night and don’t want others to get disturbed by the light. Antique and rustic look is a charmer these days and people find it quite alluring. Include these simple yet unique table lamps now in your home decor.

Unique Table LampBuy It Now

Vertical Bar Custom Necklace

Gift your loved ones something to cherish for their whole lives. These Vertical Bar Custom Necklace are best for guys and is available in Gold, Rose Gold and Gold. It can be personalized by engraving the initials of your name, or his name on the bar. It can be used as a birthday gift or can be gifted on any other occasion. Those who love fashion accessories will surely love to have one of these.

Vertical Bar Custom NecklaceBuy It Now

Beer Bottle Opener & Bottle Cap Catcher

It’s a lovely handmade item made up of wood. Personalized it captions or names, used to open bottles and to collect the bottle caps. Remember the last time your guy had a house party and the whole place was filled with bottles and bottle gaps. Spotting those little caps can be a tedious task, with this beer bottle opener & bottle cap catcher, you can collect all the caps at one place. It’s easy to use, save your time from cleaning the mess and also keeps track of how many bottles you have opened.

Beer Bottle Opener & Bottle Cap CatcherBuy It Now

Felt Backpack Duffle Bag

Felt backpack bag is a durable bag, one can easily put loads inside and can carry it easily anywhere. It gives a very rustic yet industrial look and best suited for all-rounder’s, gym-freaks and travelers. Rugged looks makes it even more alluring. Gift this to guys who pack at the last minute and want to carry a simple back with them.

Felt Backpack Duffle BagBuy It Now

Green Cord Bracelet for Men

A simple, elegant and charming bracelet for men. You can easily gift this to any of the guys you know on their birthdays or any other occasion. It has a dark green cord, made up of wax and have a silver charm in the center. You can choose the color or charm if you want to change it. Men can wear it anywhere with any outfit.

Green Cord Bracelet for Men Buy It Now

Outdoor Tactical Phone Holder Card & Coin Pocket For Men

It’s a put on bag, which one can use to keep cards, cash and phones securely while traveling or going out. You can attach this bag with your belt or can even attach it on your backpack, so that you won’t have to find your important stuff inside the back. Keep them within reach and easy to access with this outdoor tactical phone holder card & coin pocket for men. It’s a decent and useful gift for men.

Outdoor Tactical Phone Holder Card & Coin Pocket For MenBuy It Now

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