Fox Halloween Makeup

Fox Halloween Makeup Tutorial

We are very thankful to Luisa Gonzalez for submitting this stunning Fox Halloween Makeup for our Animal Halloween Makeup contest. This is really a unique and awesome makeup idea and everyone going to love it. If you guys like the idea and wanted to learn the direction and required material for this makeup. Follow the steps given by Luisa Gonzalez.

The inspiration for this came from the fox picture. I also used it a lot as a reference while painting my fox makeup!

Fox Halloween Makeup

The materials I used for Fox Halloween Makeup are:

  1. Mehron cream blend stick in orange
  2. Mehron clown white
  3. Mehron color cups in yellow and black
  4. Paintbrushes

Total cost was about $20 but you could also use less expensive cream makeup brands in those same colors!

  1. I started by sketching out all the detail in white with a skinny detail paintbrush. The nose of the fox was painted on my lower lip, the mouth on my chin, the eyes of the fox were painted right below my “real eyes”, and the ears were painted on my forehead.
  2. After you’ve drawn all the detail you can start filling in the base colors, orange/white (always look back to your reference picture)
  3. After you filled in your face you can fill In the eyes of the fox with yellow and black!
  4. Lastly, you can go back in with the small detail brush and paint tiny lines everywhere for the fur (on the orange parts use white and white parts use black lightly)

Follow Luisa on the Facebook (@WEEZEG) and Instagram (@weeze20) for more inspiration.

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Fox Halloween Makeup

If you guys like the idea then don’t forget to share your thoughts and views about this makeup in the comment section. Enjoy!

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