An Invisible Health Problem- Flat Feet

Flat feet is a condition in a person’s feet with flattened arch on the inner area of the feet which makes the soles touch the ground. Though it doesn’t literally give you any pain, but with age it becomes a matter of concern, leading to several foot problems. If left unattended, it may cause problem in the knees and ankles.

Health problems from fallen arches

If left unattended, flat feet may lead to health issues. Though it causes no pain but the condition should immediately be treated with therapy, medicines, leg braces, shoe inserts, running shoes for flat feet and surgery.

  1. Though pain is not felt in the initial stage, but it can affect the lower leg and ankle with time. It may worsen for runners. Such pain can get severe and limit your activities.
  2. It may also cause shin splints: a situation where the shinbone gets swollen because of excessive running without sufficient foot support.
  3. Bunions may occur affecting your big toe joint. Flat feet put pressure on your joints which causes enlarged joints which further pushes the big toe to increase pain.
  4. Tendinitis can also occur because of flat feet. The tendon gets affected because of the enhanced stress on the back of the heels, ankles and causes pain and inflammation.
  5. It makes your feet muscles weak and further causes hammertoe.
  6. It also causes calluses which occurs from rubbing against your shoe soles which may lead to thickened and hardened skin layer.

However, with so many problems, it is still possible to take care of your flat feet and enjoy a normal life. Some of the ways by which you can make flat feet heal are:

  1. A great way to fix over pronation is by being conscious about the manner you walk. With enough practice, you can minimize over pronation. Learn to walk without rolling your ankles.
  2. Try to lose weight to get rid of pain for flat feet. People with flat feet often face the problem of obesity. Heavier weight leads to over pronation and vice versa the heavy weight of the body gets unmanageable for your feet.
  3. The most amazing way to take care of your flat feet is to buy the right type of shoes. Running shoes for flat feet wipe out the damage done to the feet while walking or running. One should seek help of a professional when getting shoes for flat feet. Serious impairment can occur by wearing the wrong type of shoes for a larger time period. Buying the right type of shoes is the perfect cure and investment a person can do for painful low arch feet.

    So, just find out the best motion controlled shoes to help you cure your foot problems. You should check out the honest reviews on the stores before choosing a brand for your feet to get the right pair. Do a comparative study of the functions and price and then choose the right foot size for you.
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