Tips For Organising Your Self-Storage Unit in Harrow

Self-storage units can help you maximise your lifestyle. However, if you do not use it properly, it can become a problem instead of the solution. While it isn’t a part of your home, you cannot treat it like a massive junk drawer. When you recklessly pile things on top of each other it could hide your items and damage them over time.

You need to carefully consider how you can use your self-storage unit to help you. When you smartly use your unit, you can save on money and space. Here are six tips to help you find the right self storage for your needs.

How To Get A Cheaper Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is supposed to help you save money. It would be counterintuitive to rent a storage unit that costs more than renting a bigger place. One major factor that affects the price of storage units is its location. Any area near the city has extremely high property prices.

Getting a storage unit in Harrow is all about finding the nearest option to you so you can avoid the long drives and transportation costs. Do a bit of research and narrow it down to 3 or 5 options and from there compare quotes.

To save up on rent, you must make sure that all your items are properly packed and boxed. This way, you only have to get a storage unit that’s just the right size. Read on ahead on how to declutter and organise your storage unit.

Declutter Your Storage Space

The tip is to treat your storage space like you would with a pantry or closet, to make space for the new, you have to get rid of the old. As much as we like to think everything in our storage unit is essential and necessary–that can change for us.

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What you considered extremely important in your 20s might not be the same in your 30s. Try to make it a point to go through your things once a year to make sure everything is still relevant to you. You can make three separate piles: to keep, sell, or donate.

Since decluttering is long-process, it can be an ongoing project you can do in your spare time. It is a great way to make space for new things while getting reacquainted with your old favourites.

Create A System That Works For You

Next, create a system that encourages you to get things from your unit. Ask yourself why you stop visiting your self-storage for things. Is it because you can’t find your stuff? Is it too far? Make your self-storage system work. You need to have a system you can navigate every time you visit.

Create different categories for your things and divide the space according to those categories. The way you create those sections are up to you. You can separate according to items or from essential to non-essential. When you finish creating your sections, assign the best space for them.

Organise And Divide Into Sections

Try to organise within the sections so that it is easy to pull out and return items. A lot of the organising and space-saving techniques in homes can work for your storage unit as well. Use your vertical space, keep your things within other things, and put the frequently used items in a visible area.

You can use bookshelves or cabinets to store things upright. If you are not storing any furniture, you can invest in industrial racks or shelving systems. You can put your heavy items on the lower shelves, and the lighter ones on top.

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While you are organising to make things easy to access, also consider the stability of your furniture. Do not excessively pile stuff on top of cushions or vintage pieces. Consider the durability and balance of each item as you go.

Create A Master List

After you keep stock of what you have, create a master list in your home and your unit. Then label your sections and boxes. They don’t have to be very detailed, but you have to understand the system. You can make an itemised list per box and bin and paste them in a visible spot for reference, or you could just put broad categories.

It may take a lot of work. However, being away from your things means that you won’t always have a fresh idea of what is inside. The extra work now makes it easier to use the self-storage unit in the following years.

Add Extra Features

Self-storage units tend to be dry and cool areas, which is the best setting for keeping your things. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you can always add things like silica gel packets, charcoal briskets, or baking soda.

The silica gel removes any excess moisture, and the charcoal and baking soda remove any odours. Leave them in an open dish to absorb any smell. You can also keep a small broom, dustpan and rag handy in case of any broken items that need cleaning.

Fully utilise the space by organising it well and keeping it neat. The main benefits are that you can save more items and it is easier to find what you need. Your self-storage unit can be an active extension for your home like a basement or attic a couple of miles away.

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