When the Clock is Ticking: 5 Ways to Sell Your House

Want to sell your house, but you’re up against the wall? Maybe you’ve been hit with a job transfer, or perhaps you want to relocate in time for the kids to start school. Whatever the reason may be for the need to sell your house, you may find that sometimes the clock is ticking on your move.

Most people cannot afford the home they want until they sell the one they have. If a new mortgage depends on your settling your old one, you will be anxious to sell. Meggen Taylor, a Lifestyle contributor to Forbes, says, “Finding the right real estate agent to partner with to market your home is the first step and one that should not be taken lightly.” But, you can’t leave everything to the agent.

5 tips to sell your house fast in today’s market:

  • Fix what you can! A property inspector’s report will come in at 50 pages or more. But you can reduce the “complaints” with some do-it-yourself fixes. You can replace screens, air filters, and dripping faucets.

You can Spackle the walls and paint a room, shampoo the rugs, and clean the fireplace. And you can repair a rain gutter, look at your local Gutter Cleaning Companies, tighten up the overhead garage door joints, and oil joints and hinges throughout the house.

  • Clean everything in sight (and a few things you can’t see)! Every home needs a deep clean. There are carpets to shampoo, bathrooms to scour, and kitchens to clean floor to ceiling. That means cleaning tile and grout, both sides of ceiling fans, and inside and outside of cabinets.
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While you are cleaning, throw things away or put them in storage to reduce the clutter and free up the look of closets and storage space. You should also remember not to forget the garage. Although most people will remember to clean the interior of their garage, the one thing people will more likely forget to clean up is the WHOLE exterior of your house. Over the years your house has probably collected dirt, grime, and mold in all sorts of exterior locations due to being exposed to nature’s elements non-stop. If you’d like to breathe a breath of fresh air onto the exterior of your home, look into companies such as First American Roofing & Siding: Soft Washing A House to find some of the best options and methods for a deep exterior clean.

  • Boost your curb appeal! US News advises, “A house with curb appeal looks loved and nurtured, designed with integrity and accented with creative details.”

Depending on the season of the year, you should do what your budget allows to freshen the home’s exterior. You should power wash pavements, driveways, and siding. Grass should be mowed, fertilized, and watered and trees and bushes require pruning. And, bright colorful flowers make all the difference in the world.

  • Pick the method best for you! Most people use agents to buy and sell, and qualified agents with experience in your neighborhood and market can make a difference. They also relieve you of the paperwork and red tape. But you do have other options.
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  • Make your best pitch! Sellers must be honest about the property and its shortcomings. However, some shortcomings, such as foundation or roof problems, can reduce your sales potential unless the buyer service is willing to buy “ugly” houses.
  • If the house is sound, you want to improve your sales pitch by staging the house. You can leave it to a professional or do it on your own by minimizing your furniture, storing your collectibles and knickknacks, and posting the best pictures possible.

    When the clock is ticking –

    You can sell your house fast even when you have fallen behind on payments or lost your job. You can try to sell yourself, use a professional agent, or sell through a house buyers’ service. But you shouldn’t wait when you can consider your options soon.

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