Amazing Tricks to Change the Size of Your Room with Paint Colours

Painting will change the glaze and mood effects of your room. Paint colours are also an amazing idea to change the size of your room. Different colours and shades have different illusions on the appearance of your room. Before buying colour paint, you must decide on the mood and feelings related to your room.

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How can you make your room appear larger than actual size?

If your well-organised room looks small, you can choose different shades of colours for walls, floor, and ceilings to make look larger than usual size.

Larger and spacious room – Choose a lighter shade of any colour for your walls and ceilings. You can also use a light-coloured rug or tile for your floor. Usually, a light shade of white or a blue colour is preferred for wider illusions to have a feeling of open and airy space. It works perfectly to have a wide and cosy living space for a larger family.

To make a narrow room look wider, you can also paint your walls with a colour of lighter hue than the shade of your ceilings.

Heightened Ceiling – You can select a lighter shade of your wall colours to paint your ceiling. For instance, if you have painted your walls with light blue colour then use a lighter tone of blue or any other colour to paint your ceiling. It will make your ceilings appear high to make your room look taller.

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In case you have a broad room with a lower ceiling, you can choose to have dark-coloured walls with a light-coloured roof. It will make them appear higher than actual.

Elongated effect – You can make your shorter room to appear elongated and stretched by painting the ceiling and a wall with a dark colour. The rest of the walls are painted with a lighter shade. It makes the room to appear long towards the darker wall. Generally, it can trick your entry way to appear long and elegant.

Reducing the size – Do you have extra-large rooms?

Large rooms showcase your luxurious lifestyle but may seem unpleasant at a time.

  1. Narrow-space – Choose a darker colour for your walls and ceilings to make large room appear small but cosy. You may also paint the two opposite walls with a dark colour and rest of the wall and the ceiling with a light shade. It will make the darker walls appear closer to you.
  2. Low-ceiling – You can paint your ceiling with a darker shade than the walls to have a pretending low-ceiling. This combination of colour shades will make your office look attractive without a false ceiling.

You can paint one of the walls with darker colour than the ceiling and other walls to make your room look smaller.

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