How Often Do You Water Succulents in a Terrarium?

No matter whether you are completely new to the idea of growing succulent or you pose some decent knowledge about it, watering succulents can get trickier than it seems. There are certain factors which you need to pay attention to before watering the succulents. Don’t crease your forehead as this article has got you covered with all the essentials which you will need for watering the succulents the right way. This article aims to equip you with all the important tips necessary for setting you up towards the right path.

How to Water terrarium plants succulents

There is a wrong common widespread perception about watering terrarium plants succulents. The idea is that succulents do not need water though the reality is quite contrary. One will notice that succulents will survive with the presence of less water but these will not be able to thrive as beautifully as they would do with adequate water supply. If you truly want to keep succulents thriving then the appropriate watering schedule is highly important.

Terrarium plants succulents Watering Schedule

Now you are through the first part which is posing knowledge about the importance of watering. Below are some key points which you should bear in mind for getting perfect results from terrarium plants succulents watering schedule.

Containers for terrarium plants succulents

If you are not aware then terrarium plants succulents stay the most healthy in those containers which posses drainage holes. Many of you have seen terrarium without drainage holes but the one with holes fits succulents ideally. If you have already bought a terrarium without the holes then you need not worry as you will have to perform additional step for giving your succulents the same benefits. All you need to do is to lay a thick stone layer at the bottom so that this could ensure water drainage from plants. If you altogether don’t like the idea of laying stones as a bottom layer then you can get a bit creative and opt for some attractive hydro stones. In this way, the overall aesthetics of the terrarium will get enhanced. You need to be sure that water doesn’t stay stagnant at the bottom of the container as this will result in the decay of roots.

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Soil for terrarium plants succulents

You have to pay extra importance to the choice of soil. You need to get right soil for the terrarium plants succulents to ensure a healthy survival. The soil must be well-draining one. You should not go for the regular potting soil as this doesn’t make a perfect choice. This potting soil is not preferred due to its density. Gritty soil is preferred owing to its ability to drain away excess water easily from your plants.

Frequency of watering for terrarium plants succulents

A question can easily pop up in your head as to how often you should water terrarium plants succulents in a terrarium. Generally, it is recommended that you water them after every 3 or 4 days, provided that they get enough sunlight and are thriving in gritty soil. In short, if all the perfect conditions for growing a succulent get met then watering every 3 days is preferred.

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