6 Romantic Engagement Proposal Ideas

Ready to get inspired by unique proposal ideas? Here are 7 romantic ways to pop the question.

Every year, approximately 2.3 million couples get married.

Are you getting ready to take the next step and ask your girlfriend to become your fiancee? If so, you’ve probably been racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect proposal.
No idea how to propose to the love of your life? We’re here to help.

Listed below are seven unique proposal ideas that will help you pop the question in a way she’ll always remember.

1. Get Their Pet Involved

If you or your girlfriend has an adorable furry friend, why not let them be part of the engagement?

There are lots of ways to get a pet involved. Tie the ring to their collar or hang a sign around their neck asking the big question.

2. Use a Photobooth

Photobooths aren’t just for taking cheesy pictures. They make a great place for an engagement, too.

You’ll also get the added bonus of having a free photographer for the event (you can always arrange for a professional photographer to be present when you exit the photobooth if you want some higher quality pictures).

3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt can be a great way to make your proposal unique and special.

Arrange for your girlfriend to visit several of her favorite places throughout the day to pick up clues, then you can be waiting at the end with the ring.

4. Plan a Destination Proposal

There’s nothing quite like proposing on vacation. If you want to make your proposal truly memorable, a destination proposal is a great way to go.

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Plan a trip to one of your girlfriend’s favorite vacation spots or travel to a place neither of you has ever been before.

A beach is always a great place for a proposal, especially if you’re using an emerald-cut diamond. According to RockHer, these diamonds reflect the most light.

5. Perform a Song

If you’re musically inclined (or even if you’re not, really), a song is a fun and personal way to show your girlfriend that you love her and want her to become your wife.

You could write your own song and perform it for her, or sing a song that both of you love. When you finish performing, it’ll be the perfect time to get down on one knee.

6. Create a Crossword Puzzle

For girlfriends who are a bit more studious, a crossword puzzle with “will you marry me?” as one of the answers is a fun way to pop the question.

Reach out to your local paper and talk to them about slipping the question into their next puzzle.

Which of These Unique Proposal Ideas Do You Want to Try?

As you can see, there are lots of fun ways to pop the question.

Asking someone you love to marry you can definitely be nerve-wracking. Having a good plan in place will take some of the pressure off of you, though.

Remember, too, that no matter which one of these seven unique proposal ideas you use, your soon-to-be fiancee will love it because it came from you.

Do you need more proposal or wedding inspiration? If so, be sure to check out the Wedding section of our site today.

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