10 DIY Wall Decor Ideas With Tutorial

When we think about adding charm and character to a room, we think about so many things that can be used to make a room beautiful. Some people like to add large contemporary rugs by going to Bazaar Velvet, whilst others might prefer decorating their walls. Decorating walls is the most important part of your home decorations and you can decorate your wall by referring to some DIY Wall Decor projects. You might want to consider something like diamond paintings that you can create yourself as part of a fun DIY project, allowing you to make masterpieces with relative ease that will look great on your wall. Here we came up with another DIY project. In this article, we will show how you can give a very charming look to your Wall with very easy DIY Wall decor projects. Most of these techniques are pretty simple and designs can be created with ease. Of course, there are other ways to decorate your walls, and you could even visit https://www.bumblejax.com/content/acrylic-printing-services-what-to-look-for/ if you wanted to have some of your favourite photos turned into acrylic prints to use as wall art. Scroll down and Check these DIY Wall decor projects and choose the perfect one.

DIY Wall Decor

1. Ceiling Medallions as Wall Art

Ceiling Medallions as Wall Art

If you love classic touches in your home interior decor then you must love to choose a kind of wall decoration which can give very classic interior to your home. Using Ceiling Medallions for your wall can be a best choice for your wall decor. This Wall decor idea originally posted on Shelterness, If you like this design then follow the shelterness.com for the complete tutorial.

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2. DIY Fabric Wall Art Ideas

DIY Fabric Wall Art Ideas

Decorating your wall using Fabric Wall Art can give very charming and eye caching look to your home. If you love this DIY wall decoration then you can follow the tutorial for the complete direction for this project.

3. DIY Living Room Wall Decor

DIY Living Room Wall Decor

Thinking to makeover your living room? then you can’t miss to decorate your living room wall. If love the above love the above wall decoration then you can follow the tutorial for complete direction of this DIY project.

4. DIY Chalkboard Wall Art

DIY Chalkboard Wall Art

Decorating your wall using Chalkboard can be perfect choice. You Just need to collect the required things before you start the project. For complete direction of this project you can follow www.shelterness.com

5. DIY Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

DIY Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

People always get excited when they talk about the DIY projects mostly when they are related to your home and interior decoration. So if you love to give a very beautiful look to your wall then you must love to give a try to this beautiful DIY Scrapbook Paper Wall Art. You required 9 sheets of 12?x 12? scrapbook paper, 9 12? x 12? squares of masonite (you could also use foam board of plywood), modge podge (I used matte, not glossy) paintbrush, command velcro strips (to mount the squares onto the wall) to start this project. Once you have these things then follow the freshwaterstudio.wordpress.com for the complete direction.

6. DIY Wall Art From Foam Board

DIY Wall Art From Foam Board

Well, this DIY wall decor using Foam Board can add an extra charm to your room or home. So if you wanted to learn how you can make wall art with the help of foam. You can hang these pieces on your wall with the help of tape or wall putty. Follow the howaboutorange.blogspot.com for the complete tutorial.

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7. DIY Custom Wall Art with Fabric + Foam

DIY Custom Wall Art with Fabric And Foam

You might be thinking about the beauties of this DIY wall decor and you might be thinking that you can’t make this project. But no need worry you can make this DIY project by yourself. You just have to follow the craftsncoffee.com for the complete direction of this project.

8. DIY Paper Heart Wall Art

Paper Heart DIY Wall Art

This DIY wall decor can be a perfect choice for your little or teen girl room. You can choose as much as color you want for this project. You can purchase the ready color paper from the local store or you can color them at home. To follow the complete direction of this DIY project click on www.honeybeevintage.com.

9. DIY Wall Art From Plates

DIY Wall Art from Plates

The plates come in comes in different color, design and variety. Apart from the obvious use of plates you can use them for decoration purpose as well. Have ever tried to make DIY wall decoration using plates? If still not, don’t worry the above DIY project made from plates and it can give a very charming look to your room wall. Follow the raredelights.com for the complete tutorial for this DIY project.

10. DIY Bottle Cork Mounted Wall Art

DIY Bottle Cork Mounted Wall Art

Might be you never think that the Bottle Cork can be useful for your home decor. Yes, you can use Bottle Cork in different type DIY decoration. above DIY wall decoration made by Bottle Cork. If you live this DIY project and wanted to make it by yourself then follow the projectrowhouse.blogspot.com for this beautiful DIY wall decor projects.

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