Different Types of Cool Boxes for Movable Storage

Portable storage containers are a relatively new concept. They have revolutionized the moving and storage process. Many people have no idea about what they are until they go to move and need to find solutions to make the process simpler. There are many benefits they offer, and customers needing a way to make their move from one home to another simpler should consider them.

Why Use Cool Boxes?

Cool Box Movable Storage containers are designed with durability and efficiency in mind. They are perfect for making a move more manageable and can be used for long-term storage needs. They are well-insulated to keep your belongings safe from extreme temperatures. They come in various sizes that fit perfectly into most parking spaces and driveways. If you live in an apartment, this is a great feature. Special delivery trucks will bring them to you and allow you to take your time filling them with your belongings.

Different Sizes of Cool Boxes for Movable Storage

  • 12 FT- This size is perfect for most small apartments.
  • 16 FT- There is room in this size box for smaller homes and apartments with two bedrooms.
  • 20 FT- Larger homes and three-bedroom apartments can benefit from this size.

Easy Rental Process:

  1. Decide on the type of service you want to use for the storage box and what size you will need. If you plan to use the Cool Box for moving, consider how long you may need to rent it for. Most Cool Box containers can be rented for any amount of time between one month and six months.
  2. Call to obtain a quote from a customer service representative.
  3. When you have your moving date set, call the company to set up a delivery date. Wait for it to be dropped off and you are set to fill it up with your belongings at your leisure. There is no need to rush. This is the best benefit of using a Cool Box for movable storage options.
  4. When you have finished loading all of your belongings into the storage box, call the company and set up a time for pickup. The company will use its special truck to transport your box to your next location. Once dropped off, you will be able to take your time unloading your belongings into your new home. The company will pick it up when you call and set up a time.
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Benefits of Movable Storage Containers

There are many benefits of choosing to rent a movable storage unit instead of a moving truck. They are a cost-effective and more accessible way to move all of your belongings from one place to another. Below are some reasons why you should consider portable, movable Cool Box containers.

  • Convenience – The convenience of movable storage containers is unrivaled. You don’t have to pick up a moving truck and be rushed to fill it. Portable containers offer moving families the ability to take their time.
  • Security – Movable storage containers offer the same level of protection as storage facilities. The units are made of steel and can be locked tight. You provide your lock for the unit while you are renting it. They are weather-proof and insulated to withstand heat and cold temperatures.
  • Affordable – Renting Cool Boxes are one of the more affordable ways to move your belongings from one home to another, no matter how far the distance.

No matter how far you are moving or how much stuff you need to get from your old home to your new one, a Cool Box can be the perfect moving tool to get you there comfortably. They are a durable, affordable, and effective way to move your family.

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