How to Organize a Small Kitchen With Green Kitchen Cabinets

Small kitchen space can be transformed into an oasis of space if you know what to do right. This article reviews top ideas that you can use to organize a small kitchen space. 

How big is your kitchen? This is often a big question that interior designers will always ask you when you want to start a remodeling project.

Anyone with a small kitchen is always at a disappointing start when remodeling their kitchen spaces. However, we have great ideas that can reverse this narrative and give you a chance to have an exciting kitchen space.

What are the main problems with a small kitchen?

Before we look at how you can creatively organize your small kitchen space and make it comfortable, let’s first explore the issues that small kitchens have.

Reduced storage

You could have amazing green kitchen cabinets installed in your kitchen space but lack enough storage. This is a challenge because the kitchen requires enough storage to accommodate all the essential kitchen stuff.

A limited number of kitchen appliances and equipment

You can also be limited to the number and sizes of kitchen appliances and equipment that you can install in the kitchen. With a small space, you can only work with what the space can afford.

Reduces comfort

Largely, comfort will be reduced if you have a small kitchen space as opposed to a large kitchen space. This is because you might lack enough space for entertainment or even an island for relaxation.

It will also limit your movement in the work triangle making it somewhat hard to move swiftly in this important work area.

There could be other related drawbacks of a small kitchen space that are in a way related to the above-mentioned. Therefore, just before you buy your green kitchen cabinets, you need to explore our unique strategies for organizing your kitchen space to maximize storage and aesthetics.

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Tips to organize a small kitchen space

It is possible to have a small kitchen space and make it look bigger than it is or fit everything that you have without making it look cluttered.

Here are some organizational kitchen tips that you can follow.

Toss and consolidate 

A quick run-through in your refrigerator and other storage areas would reveal multiple items that are either past their expiry dates or are unused in the kitchen. Perform a deep clean in your major storage area and toss out items that you don’t need.

Look gently in your green kitchen cabinets to see if there are items that you don’t use frequently. Such items should also be removed.

Hang mugs on hooks

Since you are already limited in storage space, you could install hooks to hang mugs instead of putting them in your cabinetry. This will allow you to free your cabinet space and create more storage space.

Decant bulk items 

You don’t need all the ingredients stored in their packages. You can organize their looks and put them into containers. You should have clear containers so that they can be used for aesthetics as well. Neat and clear containers put in green kitchen cabinets will always stand out as a beautiful focal point.

Think vertically 

There is a lot of space in the vertical direction of your kitchen. You can use it to increase your storage space. Several ideas like having tall cabinetry or increasing more storage on top of your refrigerator can help you maximize the vertical space.

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However, also be cautious not to lose the aesthetic function of the kitchen. You’ll need an interior designer to remap your kitchen space and install ideal green kitchen cabinets that can cover the vertical space.

Opt for open shelving 

Open shelves are neat and have more visible space than closed cabinetry. Furthermore, they work well with small kitchen spaces because they do not consume a lot of space.

The task that you have to consider when dealing with open shelves is keeping them neat. You must also ensure that the items stored are aesthetically pleasing because they will be seen by everyone in the kitchen.

Use kitchen corners 

You should not let go of the corner spaces that you have in your kitchen. You should use them to maximize your storage. Hiring an interior designer to help you design your space with the kitchen corners considered is the right approach to getting it right.

Have portable storage units 

Another idea is to create portable storage units that can be stored in areas that have free space. For example, you can have a portable storage unit placed under the table of your kitchen island. Since it is for both aesthetics and function, ensure that the portable storage units are smart. They can also match your existing green kitchen cabinets to create a sense of thought and harmony in your kitchen organizational structure.

Reduce sitting space

You cannot have a large sitting area in a small kitchen. You should reduce the space dedicated to entertainment. The best alternative is to use beautiful stools instead of big chairs.

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Lighting your kitchen

Another creative way of improving your kitchen space is to light it up. Remember, this is an illusion creation of space. You won’t be adding any space in the kitchen by adding more light but you will create a perception of a bigger kitchen space when it is well-lit.

How does this happen? 

Light creates an airy feeling in the room that makes it look wide and open. This is why a well-lit room is likely to be perceived as bigger than a dull room in the same space.

You can either increase your lighting by tearing walls and increasing your window coverage or buy light fixtures that will make the room airy. Your set budget should help you determine which option is the most preferred for you. The colors of your cabinets should also influence the kind of lights you are installing. For example, if you have green kitchen cabinets, you should install brighter colors to match the green effect.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to squeeze yourself into your small kitchen space when there are lots of ideas on how you can expand that space. Think about all these ideas and see which ones you can implement in your next kitchen remodeling project.

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