6 Custom DIY Gifts for the Workaholic in Your Life

Workaholics: you either know one, or you are one. You know what type of person we’re talking about – the type who spends most of their time at work, and even when they’re not at work, they’re probably thinking about work. The type of person whose entire life revolves around their work. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but it can make certain things – such as getting a gift for them – challenging. After all, what can you get someone who only cares about their work? Won’t any gifts you get them be boring? The answer is no. You can get the perfect gift for your workaholic friend, something that they’ll use and appreciate. The best part? You can customize it and make it a DIY project, so no fear of boring gifts there.


Most people have key cards or identification cards that they need to wear at work. A lanyard is a perfect solution for keeping these close to them at all times. It’s incredibly easy to make since you just need something that can hold their cards and go around their neck. However, making custom lanyards yourself can be pretty tricky. If you want to go above and beyond with a custom lanyard, we recommend getting help from a company that offers customised lanyard printing.


Everyone uses keys and therefore keyrings on a daily basis, so this is a thoughtful gift you can get for nearly anyone. However, it’s even more perfect for workaholics. When people are so invested in their work, they don’t want to spend forever shuffling through their bag in an attempt to find their keys. You want to go for a big, bold keyring that’s impossible to miss. Luckily, there are loads of different ways to make keyrings yourself, so you’ll be able to customize them to fit their personality. You can choose between wooden keyrings, metal ones, fabric ones, or even plastic ones containing a photo of their loved ones.

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A workplace mug

Since most workaholics thrive off caffeine, a mug will be greatly appreciated by them. While you can get a custom mug printed, there’s no need. With a plain mug, some Sharpies, and an oven, you can easily create a custom mug yourself. Don’t believe us? Click here for instructions. You can make a simple mug with their name on it so that it can be their dedicated workplace mug and everyone in the office will know it’s theirs. If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll know that few things are as frustrating as someone using your mug or claiming it’s theirs.

A notebook

The word “workaholic” often brings to mind people frantically typing on computers or running through multiple notebooks. While this is not the only thing that workaholics do to fill their time, most people who work (whether they are or aren’t workaholics) tend to run through quite a bit of paper. Making a custom notebook seems quite daunting, but in reality, it’s not that complicated. We recommend getting a wire-bound notebook and carefully removing the cover page. Then you can make or draw your own design, laminate it, and add it to the notebook as the new cover page. While this method may be quite time-consuming, it will yield the result of a professional-looking, customised notebook.

A laptop cover

For most workaholics, their laptop is one of their most important possessions. They spend hours typing away at it, and it contains all of their important information. So, it makes sense that they would want to protect it as much as possible. Laptop cases are a practical investment, but they can often be quite boring. That’s where you come in – there are various patterns and tutorials that you can use to make a custom do-it-yourself laptop cover. Keep in mind you’ll need to know the basics of sewing, as well as have some essentials, such as a sewing machine.

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A photo frame

A lot of people who spend so much time at work will tell you that it almost starts to feel like home since they spend more time there than they do at their actual home. If this is the case, it would be a thoughtful gesture to help them make it more personalized. A good idea is to buy a plain photo frame and jazz it up with some paint or rhinestones. That way, they can always have a photo of their loved ones, even when at work. Just be sure to wrap it properly so that they don’t guess what it is.

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