5 Things You Need to Know Before Switching to LEDs

You may have been told how great LED lights are, have seen them somewhere, or simply think they are a better option. All are valid reasons to change your lighting system. However, there are 5 important things you should know before you switch to LEDs.

Additional Equipment

Changing to LEDs is not the same as simply changing a light bulb, you’re going to need extra equipment. That means, unless you are a competent DIY electrician, you should be looking for a reputable electrician Sydney to change the bulbs and equipment over for you.

LED lights need to have either a relay or a heat sink, these have to be fitted into the light fitting or the ceiling above them. That’s actually why many LED lights are recessed. Creating a pocket for the relay or heat sink requires care, you don’t want to ruin the finished look.


LED lights use as much as 75% less energy than the standard incandescent bulb! That can represent a significant saving on your annual electricity bill!

But that’s not the only way they save you money. LED’s will also last considerably longer than a standard bulb. Although an LED bulb will cost more to purchase, in the long term it is cheaper thanks to lower power use and extended life.
That’s a big plus for your wallet.

Check The Energy Label

It is safe to say that not all LED bulbs are created equal. Before you invest you should take the time to check their energy rating. You can also look at online guides that will show you the specifications of all the major LED brands, as well as many of the lesser-known brands.

The result is you’ll know exactly how good or bad your intended LED is, allowing you to choose the best quality one for the budget you have available.

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Flexible Light Direction

Regular bulbs emit a singular light that instantly spreads outwards. This is potentially good at giving some light to an entire room but it not a great way to target any specific feature.

In contrast, an LED bulb is directional. It’s designed to be pointed at something, making it much better at lighting the spots that need to be lit in your home.

You don’t need any special features to do this, LED bulbs are just good at providing directional lighting;


You should also be aware that LED bulbs can come in several colors. These range from bright white to warmer yellow lights.

You’ll find a color guide on each bulb which will help you to understand the different colorings and decide which is best for your room or even your entire house.

In most cases, you can also dim LED lights although you’ll need to verify they work with your current dimmer switch.

It takes very little planning to change your bulbs to LED and there are significant savings to be made, start planning your change today and see the benefits on your next energy bill!

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