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Very Cool DIY Gifts For Boys You Will Love to Explore

We all love gifts but at times its quite tricky to decide what to buy, especially in case of boys. There are not enough things which one can buy to gift a boy. But not to worry, with our creative list of DIY Gifts for Boys, you can easily get amazing ideas which you can use to craft fantastic gifts for your boys.

DIY gifts for Boys for all occasions

Making these creative, lovely DIY Gifts for Boys is a fun task. You can save a lot of your money, make those gifts more valuable and exclusive since you will be crafting them on your own, they will be more special for your boys. Parents can use these DIY Gifts for Boys to gift their son or can use these ideas to help their kids in making gifts for their friends.

We all have been there when we have wasted a lot of our time looking for a gift for boys but at last, came home empty-handed. With these DIY gifts for boys, you won’t have to waste a single minute searching for the gift for your boys. Try it; you will get addicted to them for sure.

Minimal Mountain Clock

This beautiful minimal clock in the shape of a mountain will definitely add an extra beauty to any wall. As we know that boys who are in the school or college always to do the things on time. This awesome clock will definitely help them to keep the eyes on the time. It’s can be a perfect gift idea for the boys. You can purchase different styles of clocks from the store, but if you really want to give something as a gift which has special feeling then this DIY minimal mountain clock can be the best choice.

Minimal Mountain ClockGet the Tutorial

Photo Playing Cards

As we are living in the modern world and technology playing very important role in everyone life. In today’s world, every boy has some electronic gadgets and they use them for reading, playing a game and do many more things with them. But as we know playing cards are the very old things for the entertainment. But if you are searching for a gift for boys. Then these DIY photo playing cards can be a good choice. You can print out some pictures and stick them on the cards with the help of glue.

Photo Playing CardsGet the Tutorial

Dip Dyed Ipad Case

Boys always use things very roughly, no matter how costly those things. So why not give a kind of gift to the boys which can help them to take care those expensive things. Well, if you kid or boy have an iPad and you want him to carry it properly. Then you can choose to make this Dip Dyed Ipad case, it will the safety to iPad and also help the boy to carry it in the proper way. Making of this Dip Dyed Ipad case is very easy and you can make it in very quick time. Your boy will definitely love it. You can use any color according to your choice.

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Dip Dyed Ipad CaseGet the Tutorial

Leather Keychain

It’s really no need to wait for the particular festival, occasion or specific date to give a gift to the loved one, Especially to the boys. If you are kind of person who always wants to save some money, but still want to give a beautiful gift. Then you can try to make that gift by yourself. This Leather keychain can be a very useful gift for anyone. So if you are thinking to give a beautiful gift to your boy. Why not make this beautiful Leather Keychain. It’s very simple to make and can be done in very quick time.

Leather KeychainGet the Tutorial

Skateboard Sling

If your kid or teenage boy love to play outdoors, then you must have to choose a kind of gift for him which can inspire him to play outdoor. As we know young age boys always love to skateboard and they always ask parents to purchase one for them. So if your kid or boy asking for the Skateboard sling, why not make it by yourself and give it as a gift. It’s will save some money and also bring a beautiful smile on your boy’s face.

Skateboard SlingGet the Tutorial

Hand Painted Mug

A mug is a most popular gift idea for all age peoples. Because it’s very cheap and very useful. You can purchase plenty of different designs mug from the store, but if you really want someone to feel special when you give it as a gift. Then you must have to something special, which make that mug special for them. This Hand painted mug will definitely bring a beautiful smile on your boy’s face. Making of this design is very easy and it will not take much time.

Hand Painted MugGet the Tutorial


If you want your boy to play inside the home, but not a mobile game. Then you must have arranged something inside the home which can keep him away from the video game or games in the mobile. Well, this dartboard will definitely make his day, if you are going to make it and giving him as a Gift. Making of this Dartboard not that’s easy, you need enough time for it and have to collect all the required things for it before you start making it. Click on the Get the tutorial at the bottom of this picture to get a complete direction.

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DartboardGet the Tutorial

Handprint Baseball

After seeing the picture, you can understand how simple this DIY. This handprint baseball can be a perfect gift for the boys. Especially if the boy is a real fan of baseball. You can choose any color for the paint on the ball. Just choose the color your want and dip your hand in the color and pint your hand on the ball. Your kid or boy will definitely love to have this Hand print baseball as a gift.

Handprint BaseballGet the Tutorial

Rustic Pencil Holder

This pencil holder made from the wood can be a unique and useful gift for the kids or boys. As we know they always love to have the different colors pencil, but always a tough task to keep them in the proper way. This rustic pencil holder will definitely help the boy manage them in a perfect way. It’s can the best gift idea for the boys because it’s very useful and they will definitely love it.

Rustic Pencil HolderGet the Tutorial

Paracord Lanyard Knot Holder

Boys always love to carry so many useful small things like key, small knife, nail cutter and many more other things. This Paracord lanyard knot holder can be a very useful gift idea for the boys. You can make this knot holder very easily and it does not require much material. If you like the idea and wanted to learn how you can make it. Follow the tutorial at the end of the picture.

Paracord Lanyard Knot HolderGet the Tutorial

Tie Photo Bookmark

During the teenage, books are the most important part of the boys life. They spend their most of time in studying, some boys love to study till late night and some love to it in the early morning. The most difficult thing for them to keep remember the page number of the book where they left. These Tie photo bookmark will help them to remember the page. You can use your kids photo on them. They are very easy to make and will not take much time.

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Tie Photo BookmarkGet the Tutorial

Tripod Camping Stool

If your boy going for the camping in near future or always love to go for the camping. Then why not give him a kind of gift which he can use during the camping. This DIY tripod camping stool can be really useful for him. So why not make one and give him as a gift. As we know during the camping, they spend most of the time doing fun, but when we want to take some rest, this tripod camping stool can be very useful for him. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry.

Tripod Camping StoolGet the Tutorial

Wrapped Over Candy Bars

Well, this is an easiest gift idea in this post and your boy definitely going to love it. You just need to purchase few candies which are your boys favourite. Now wrapped them with the help of ribbon, you can use any color ribbon as per your choice. Don’t forget to keep a Dollar note with the wrap. A beautiful metal letter on the chipboard circle hanging with ribbon will give a perfect look to this gift. You can use the first letter of boy name as a metal letter.

Wrapped Over Candy BarsGet the Tutorial

Bow Tie

Mom always loves to make something very beautiful for the kids and they spend lots of time for that. Well, if you want your kid look beautiful and smart then you can give a try to make these Bow tie. You can give these bow tie as a gift to your kids or boys. They will definitely love them. You can use different colors ties to make these bow. They are very easy to make and will not take much time. It can be a perfect gift idea for the boys.

Bow TieGet the Tutorial

Hammock Chair

This Hammock chair will not costume much space in your boy room and they can use it during the study and it can be also perfect to get relaxed. A black color always grabs the attention and a white color pillow inside it will give it a perfect color combination for this Chair. After seeing the picture, you can understand how simple to make this chair. But if you still want to learn how you can make it. Follow the tutorial at the bottom of the picture for the complete direction.

Hammock ChairGet the Tutorial

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