Everything You Need to Know about the University Of Southern California Housing

Looking for residential housing can be frustrating or rewarding, depending on the means you use to conduct the search. While some students are wise to book a residence as soon as they are admitted, others are overly excited and don’t remember to do the same.

However, you can rent an apartment online or wait until you join the university before you look for residences. Whatever decision you make, ensure that it serves your needs, and provides you with security.

Nonetheless, USC housing is designed to meet students’ needs, like Wi-Fi and music, among other advantages. However, some universities can’t accommodate all the students, and that’s why there are other residences near the university. However, a student living in a university residence has numerous advantages.

Let’s look at some of the advantages below:

Laundry Room

As a student, you will spend most of your time studying. Therefore, it can be difficult to get time to do your laundry. The USC housing includes laundry services that you can use at your convenience. The only thing you need to do is drop off your clothes at the laundromat and pick them up later.

Free Bus

Some classes are located further than others, and this can hinder your punctuality. If you live within the university premises, you can catch a free bus to class. These buses carry a bunch of students and drop them to their classes.

Easy Access To Services

If you live within the university premises, you receive bonuses including access to the library and recreational centers.

Constant Cost Of The House

Let’s say you live outside the school, probably with a friend in an apartment, the cost of the house is high. Now, suppose one of you move out, the remaining person has to pay the whole rent and not just their own portion. However, in USC housing, it doesn’t matter if the roommate has left or not, the lease remains the same.

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Involvement Of Community Activities

It’s easy to bring people together, especially if they’re living in the same area. So, when there are community activities that need to be arranged and done, students residing within the university have a chance of getting involved.

24 Hours Safety

Universities understand the safety of every student. Thus, they have installed security measures in every part of the residence. As a student, you can comfortably take a walk at night without the fear of something happening to you.

Now that you know the advantages of the USC housing, here are some residential options that you can go for.

  • Apartments

Student apartments offer more privacy and independence. It comes with a side kitchen and bedroom. Each apartment has four beds.

  • Suites

A suite can accommodate eight students and has two bathrooms.

  • Halls

Students living in halls share bathrooms, study rooms, TV rooms, and all other facilities. These options are often cheaper but don’t have much privacy.

A student living in USC has higher chances of making friends, dining together, and enjoying life on campus, as compared to other students. Besides, the residences are fully furnished, and you don’t have to hustle for the bedding and commuting fee. Forming an academic team to help you with research and assignments gets convenient too.

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