Why We Need Quality Instagram Followers and How to Get Them Free and Effectively

When we talk about social networks, the numbers soon start to scream. The engagement required for your content to be seen more is something we want and today we are going to try to talk about how to improve it. It is a fact, the more followers we have on Instagram, the more engagement we will have and soon, the more people will see our content. 

Quality VS Quantity 

The first point we need to discuss is: does quantity matter more than quality? Today there are huge accounts on Instagram, full of followers, but with no engagement. This happens when followers are not the audience for the account. Basically, in these cases, you are talking about something to people who have no interest in it. When it happens? Many people in search of growing the number of followers end up going to an easier way and that compromises the quality of engagement. 

Want to take the test? I’m sure you’ve seen accounts of 10,000 followers who can’t even get 100 likes, correct? This may be the result of using apps to inflate numbers or even buying followers. Of course, there are cases where the content may simply not engage, which would explain the low interaction. The quality of your followers has to be more important than the quantity. Understanding this, we can see that the effort to get followers must be in the segmentation of the audience and in the focus on who will actually consume your content. 

Instagram currently works with a system that favors content that engages quickly. So the first hour of your content is what matters most. The more comments, likes, saves and shares your photo has, the more it will appear in other people’s Feed. How to use this to gain followers? Let’s go step by step: Post a photo (remember to always post at a time that is good for you and that makes sense), call your closest friends to like and comment on your photo (without being boring and spamming, okay?), put hashtags that are really interesting. Now the very important step, start responding to the comments of your previous photos (this will return you to the person’s Feed, making your photo more visible). 

But if all the above methods are not enough, you need to switch to an application, not just a normal application but an Instagram auto liker app. There are many such applications but the most popular one is GetInsta. 

How does GetInsta work? 

Basically the app works by gathering as many users as possible and directing them to follow and like other users’ Instagram accounts for coins. These coins can eventually be exchanged for followers and likes. So the more a user follows and likes another GetInsta user’s Instagram account, the more followers and likes he gets. In other words, GetInsta is an application that can provide free Instagram followers and likes. 

Why free?

Because every follower and likes they get actually comes from following and liking other users’ Instagram accounts. GetInsta is a free and virus free application. This application is also very safe because you don’t need to provide any password when registering. If combined with the conventional methods above, GetInsta could be the ultimate weapon to significantly increase the number of real and free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes.

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