Why is there a Buzz about the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app is the latest social media platform that has taken the internet by storm; This is an invite-only app.

Ever since it got an endorsement by some renowned celebrities across the globe, people are crawling to get into the App.

Yes! When you are on this platform, you could get a chance to interact with celebrities, potential investors besides your target audiences.

Does that excite you?

If you wish to reach out to investors or celebrities, the Clubhouse is a great way; besides this, you can find an email address of your prospects using GetEmail.io, a highly preferred email finder tool.

Now let us jump in deeper about this App.

Clubhouse App – What is it?

The Clubhouse is a social media app where you can have conversations with groups of people or listen to their conversations. Rohan Seth and Paul Davison created this App in May 2020. This trendsetting App caught the attention of venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz. Many other public figures are also spotted listening or hosting the conversations on the App.

The exciting chat room topics make this app one of the most talked-about emerging social media networks.

Though you are allowed to sign up and request an invite code, it would take time to get your invite code, and hence if you know someone using this App, you can ask them to share the invite code.

However, there is a complication; the Clubhouse app is not allowing everyone to get in just like that. Presently, it’s an invite-only app. However, you can download the app, create and hold your username, and join the waiting queue.

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How Does it Work?

Once you get your exclusive invite to get into the App, you will be asked to choose your interest categories. Then you will instantly be able to access all the ongoing conversations that fall under your interests.

Besides this, the content available to you also depends on who you follow. For example, if you are following a thought leader in the field of digital marketing, you are more likely to discover a lot of rooms that discuss digital marketing.

And in case you wish to broaden your feed, you search for people or keywords you are interested in and follow them and other people who show up in the results.

Clubhouse Invite – How to get it?

The quickest way to get an invite for Clubhouse is to reach out to your network who are already using the App. So hop onto Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, or Whatsapp and let them know you want to get in.

The Clubhouse is an Audio Social Media App – What’s the Big Deal?

This audio, social media app works because of the underlying reason;


Clubhouse interactions are live and do not require any editing or podcasting software. Over the last three years, podcast’s popularity has grown by more than thirty percent; however, they are customarily pre-recorded, thus no chance to respond in real-time.

Ideal for Introverts

For people who wish to be a part of a community but prefer to be quiet, the Clubhouse is an ideal platform.

Final Thoughts

The Clubhouse is highly talked about these days for its unique twist, i.e., audio-only.

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If you use this new addition to social media wisely, you could be a part of engaging conversations and get in touch with the right people.

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