3 Tips for Adding Coziness to Your Dining Room

The dining room is a combination of luxury and practicality, but if you’re worried that your dining area leans too much into a stark, solid, place to put your plate rather than somewhere to enjoy a luxurious home cooked meal, then you need our tips. We’re looking at ways that you can make your dining room feel more like a 5-star restaurant rather than an operating table.


The center point of any dining room is your seating arrangement. Your table and chairs are the focus of your dining room. They’re where everyone comes to gather: to eat, to drink, to play board games, to debate, to do homework, everything. But the type of seating and table you go with will dictate the feeling and vibe of your home. There are the usual seating arrangements, typically six individual chairs, but if you want to maximize the cozy factor, you might want to look into buying benches instead of chairs. It’s technically one piece of furniture, or two, but it seats as many as can fit on it. You can squish in or spread out with no invisible barriers that chairs tend to give. You can turn your dining area into more of a booth situation which instantly suggests privacy and intimacy. Take a look at Price Busters dining room options for some affordable ideas and upgrades.


Another factor in upping the coziness of any room, is to think about lighting. The big light in the middle of the room is purely for practical reasons. It goes on when you can’t find the remote amongst the sofa cushions and no other instance. Instead, you should layer your light with lamps dotted around the room. You’ll create a lovely ambience around the room, which is exactly the point of “mood lighting”.

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In the dining room, this is also the case, but it’s complicated by the fact that an overhead light is very popular in dining rooms at the moment. But there’s a way to do overhead lights and get it right. Make them low hanging and opt for three smaller lights rather than one large one. And they don’t have to be the brightest thing. Maybe look into some energy saving light bulbs, or some dimmable LED light bulbs that you can control with your phone so you’re not sitting in stark white gaining a headache.


Being cozy is all about how you feel, and that’s where texture becomes appropriate. You can pepper your dining room with various textures to make the room feel cozy, even if you’re not physically touching them. A table runner, the chairs, accents to any storage in the room. Mix and match with what you fancy at the moment. A good dose of soft décor will make that solid wood dining table and other hard surfaces some comfort and coziness.

There is also the option of adding some soft furnishings. If you have some space in your dining room or a corner of the kitchen you don’t know what to do with, you can add a couple of squishy chairs and a small table for a place where you can enjoy a coffee and watch the sun rise.

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