Traditional Mexican Living Room Décor

Mexican living room decoration is always loved by the people. It is because this style is traditional and reflects the beauty of the living style of the people who are living there for a long time.
There are different styles of Mexican rooms that are decorated but there are some things that are common in every style. Let us discuss one by one.

The main and common thing in Mexican rooms is pottery. You will see it in every living room that is decorated with traditional style.

The clay that is used for the pottery is brought from the city of Puebla. This clay has a special beauty and is used to form pottery for the Mexican living rooms.

The floor of Mexican living rooms is decorated and there are beautiful designs on tiles. The floor of the whole house including kitchen and hall is covered with tiles of different designs. It enhances the beauty of the whole house.

When someone enters the room, his first sight is the wall. The walls of a traditional Mexican living room are not blank. Like the floor, there are different designs on the walls due to which the whole room looks filled. It also enhances the beauty of the living room.

If we talk about the paint of the wall, the warm paints are used on walls. The colors are bright and of contrast shades.

Bedroom Curtains

Another major thing in Mexican living room decoration is the curtain. Mexican style curtains are made of two types. Most curtains have printed designs on them. While the others are formed from the blankets or some other thick cloth.

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The second type is used mostly in living rooms decoration. These thick curtains have many benefits.
They are very cheap as they are formed from the cloth used already, but still best for use. These curtains are thick so these can be used for the soundproof purpose and these are such curtains that control noise.

Therefore, these curtains are also called budget-friendly soundproof curtains. In traditional Mexican living rooms, blackout curtains are used.

These curtains are also a type of thick curtains. The difference is that these curtains are not so thick. They are only made to hide inside the room view from outside.

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Wooden Furniture

In most Mexican living rooms, the use of wood is very enormous. Wood is used indoors, furniture and the sides of every place in the house. Mostly, two contrasting colors of wood are used to enhance the beauty of the room. It also attracts everyone from far due to the difference in colors.

If we talk about sofas, the sofas are not designed. Their covers are very simple and mostly there is only one color sofa in Mexico living room. But the cushions that are placed on sofas have very beautiful designs on them. This matching makes them very beautiful. Other soft furniture covers like chairs and tools are also made with the same combination.

Handicraft textiles are used enormously in Mexican living rooms. These textiles are used in curtains and on the floor. They are also used as a blanket in some houses.

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All the steps in the home like stair steps are decorated with designed strips. These strips are made of woven colors mostly. But in some houses, the strips of printed designed are also used.

All these are the things that create a difference between a traditional Mexican living room and a simple one.

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