Must-have Furniture For Contemporary Interior Design

Furniture is often the most eye-catching aspect of a room therefore if you want a chic, contemporary space, you need to focus on choosing the right furniture pieces. For a modern space, bold, statement pieces, simple clean lines are often the way to go. However, modern spaces look best when the accessories and other elements complement and accentuate the furniture. 

Here are some must-have furniture pieces for contemporary interior design. 

Modern Storage Accessory

Modern interior design prides itself on clean aesthetics and clutter-free spaces. A modern space would benefit from modern storage accessories like ottomans and large wooden chests to provide contemporary smart storage solutions. Ottomans are multi-functional and can be used for extra seating, storage and footrests. 

Timeless Console Table

Console tables add elegance and style to empty hallways, they are also multipurpose as they can be used for storage too. Choose classic dark wood, pine or go with a simple glazed white console table with multiple compartments to maximize its storage capability. 

Modern Coffee Table

A modern round coffee table is a must, there are various options to choose from. Glass, marble or wood. Either way, a modern coffee table will inject some contemporary style into your living area. Coffee tables are decorative and functional, they add that modern design element but they are also purposeful furniture pieces. Some coffee tables include a shelf underneath or drawers to provide extra storage space for your magazines, books or household items. 

Contemporary Dining Table

Even if you don’t have a designated dining area, a contemporary dining table will provide you with a space to gather for meals with friends and family. It will also add some style to your space, adorn your dining table with flower vases, decorative bowls or dress your dining table with dining accessories. 

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Modern Couch

A modern couch is a must-have piece of furniture for your contemporary living space. The couch is usually the focal point of a living area, therefore, it is vital that you get it right when you are choosing your modern couch. 

Movable Shelf

A movable shelf can be used for storage and decorative purposes. Modern movable shelves often come in a wooden or metallic finish. For an edgy, minimal space a metallic movable shelf might work well. For a clean, whimsical space, a white or light grey wood finish shelf might be a good option. 

Minimal Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a multi-functional furniture piece that can be used for bedroom storage as well as bathroom or living area storage. You could replace your console table with a modern chest of drawers to a distinctive design element to your entrance hall or living area.  

Freestanding Stools

Freestanding stools can be placed anywhere around the home, in your living area, dining area or bedroom. You can use them for extra seating or as a footrest, you can also use them as a way to add an extra pop of colour to your space. 

Contemporary living spaces or workspace are versatile, clean and multi functional. Choose furniture pieces that serve multiple functions such as ottomans, console tables and coffee tables with extra storage space. Choose pieces that complement the overall style and feel of your space. 

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