Three Benefits That Will Convince You to Replace Your Outdated Windows

Have you ever awoken on a cold winter night, shivering because of a draft coming from your window? Alternatively, have you ever awoken drenched in sweat because your bedroom gets too hot at night in the summertime? These are common issues that may be chalked up to old, leaky windows.

Getting a replacement windows company to upgrade or replace the windows in your home offers more than just a more comfortable environment.

There are other ways to improve your home comfort levels via your windows too. For example, some people find that Window Tinting can conserve heat through the winter, and repel it during the summer, meaning your HVAC system has to work less hard and therefore saving you money on fuel and electricity costs. To learn more about the benefits of residential window tinting, go to

For now, though, here are three benefits that might sway you into replacing your outdated windows.

You will sleep better

Modern windows provide more benefits than in previous decades, such as reduced noise pollution. Updating your windows can improve the quality of your sleep by hushing outdoor interruptions, especially if you live in a busy area or near a major road.

Soundproof windows can block out up to 95% of outdoor noise. If you live in a busy neighbourhood, consider upgrading your windows for a better night sleep.

It is energy efficient

It is estimated that the average North American homeowner loses up to thirty percent of heated and cooled air because of windows and doors. Any experts in energy efficient windows will tell you that upgrading to modern, energy-efficient windows not only saves energy but also reduces your utility bills. That sounds like a win-win however you look at it.

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It raises the value of your home

It is no secret that replacing outdated structures and items in your house increases your property value. Replacing windows can add between $2,500 to $7,500 to the value of your home. Doing this also raises the curb appeal of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Whether you are in the process of selling your home or plan on living in your humble abode for many years to come, adding curb appeal never hurts.

There are more options now than ever before in terms of window designs and customizable features. You can choose what works best for you and your home within your own budget.

Of course, you may be tempted to try to replace old windows yourself – but you really should not.

There are always countless tasks that can be done DIY around your home, but replacing your home windows definitely is not one of them.

It may appeal to you to skip the costs of installation and install your replacement windows yourself, but in almost every case, it is a terrible idea. Window replacement is a complex job best left the to the pros, as without the right training and understanding, you could end up doing more harm than good to your home – or worse, hurting yourself in the process.

From higher curb appeal and lowered energy costs to a better, restful night sleep, getting a company like MWT Windows ( to replace your outdated home windows – with the help of trained and qualified professionals, of course – offers many benefits that can improve your quality of life. Controlled air movement means comfortable temperatures in any season, and having the option to customize windows provides you with a chance to change the vibe of any room.

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