The Types of Moving Glass Walls Systems and Their Compatibility With Your Home

Whether you are living in a house, condo, or apartment, you may want to add moving glass walls to the space. There are a few systems to choose from, and each of these systems works differently depending on where you live. You must consider the prevailing climate, the price of the system, and the amount of space that you have. Use these tips to choose the perfect moving glass walls for your home or rental space.

What Are Moving Glass Walls?

A moving glass wall system should allow you to open up the wall just like a sliding glass door. However, some systems will fold, slide more than one panel to the side, or combine the two concepts. Plus, you must decide what will look good in your home before you make a purchase. You can open your home easily using these walls, but you must choose wisely.

What About A Sliding Glass Wall?

A basic sliding glass wall works well when you want to mimic the traditional sliding patio door. However, these sliding walls are more than a door. These glass walls will go from floor to ceiling, and they slide out of the way without impeding upon your view. Plus, you could have a wall that slides open on both sides of the opening. This means that you are effectively open French doors that face outside.

However, the walls do not open into the house. The walls slide over one another. Because all the walls are glass, they do not block one another. In fact, your guests may not realize that you have sliding glass walls because it is not apparent where the walls slid to.

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What About A Folding Wall?

You could choose a folding wall because you want to open up the entire wall by folding the glass panels like a large screen. You could use a folding wall because you like the way it looks, or you might use a folding wall because you plan to unfold a wall that could be 20, 30, or even 40 feet long. The walls will unfold, stack on one another, and slid to the edge of the room. In effect, you could open your entire home to the outside world using a folding wall.

Where Do Folding Glass Walls Make Sense?

In theory, everyone can use folding glass walls because it gets warm throughout the year no matter where you live. However, you might need to consider the prevailing climate when choosing a certain type of wall system. A basic folding wall that opens like a double-door is useful in any home, but it might be very windy where you live. Because of this, you might not want to add any more sliding panels to the system.

If you live in an area that only gets light breezes, you can unfold an entire wall to turn your living room into a sunroom or porch. Plus, you will enjoy a folding wall system more if it is warm for much of the year. Yes, you could use these systems in the fall and winter, but unfolding an entire wall when it is cold half the year might not make sense to you. A basic folding wall might be better to use when you want to watch the snowfall.

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When you are buying a folding glass wall system for the house, you need to decide if the panels should fold or slide. Folding walls can open your home to the outside world, and they look much more modern. A sliding wall system helps you modernize your patio doors without obstructing your view.

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