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Homemade Gift Ideas Your Parents Will Love

It can be quite difficult to buy a gift for someone when you don’t know what they like. When the person is someone close to you it is expected of you to just automatically know what they would like. The closer that person is to you the more personal and thoughtful the gift must be. With that being said, it is the thought that counts. Whether you’re looking to get your parents mugs with their names on it, personalized bobbleheads to put on display in the living room or fill a photo album with memorable moments, we’re sure they’ll love it just the same.

When it comes to your parents it becomes harder because they either don’t want anything or it seems like they have everything that they need. Something homemade is often much more appreciated than an expensive gift.

To collage or not to collage…

To collage or not to collage…
The go-to idea when people start thinking about homemade gifts is a collage. It’s easy to make. You just take a bunch of pictures and before you know it, you’re the favourite child in the family.

Let’s stick to the collage idea and elevate it a little. You can make a memory book instead. Put little keepsakes inside things like baby pictures, cards, old letters and school reports. Important moments that happened in the family that they can reflect on when they read. Leave enough empty pages so that they can keep adding on to it themselves.

Marble dipped mugs

 Marble dipped mugs
Now, when it comes to dad’s, gift ideas are very limited. Its either socks or a mug that says “#1 DAD”. Yes, dad loves his coffee and he is the number one dad but everyone has that mug already.

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A great alternative to that is marble dipped mugs. Marble dipping is very popular at the moment and it’s something both your parents will love. All you need is a plain white ceramic mug, or a set if you choose to gift them with a set of mugs.

You will need nail polish, wooden skewers or toothpicks, warm water and a disposable bowl. You fill the bowl with the water and then you pour the nail polish on top of the water and swirl it around. You can choose your parents’ favourite colours to make it a little more personal. Then you dip the mug into the bowl as far as you would like the pattern to stick then pull it back out and leave the mugs to dry.

Embroider your way deeper into their hearts.

Embroider your way deeper into their hearts.
Embroidery is very trendy at the moment it can be seen everywhere in fashion. It’s also an easy way to make a gift for someone you love. You can go the manual route and embroider with a hoop but beginners will find embroidery quite simple with a machine.

There are no limits to what you can do. You can buy some plain t-shirts and embroider the logo of your father’s favourite sports teams onto them. You can make embroidered jewellery for your mother. Another great idea is personalised pillows with words or messages on them. Get some luxurious towels and embroider their Initials onto them.

Soap them up

Another cliché is getting your parents bath products but they like it so why not. You can make your own soap at home and present it to them nicely they would appreciate it just as much as the pre-packaged gift box if not more.

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Find a recipe you like and add the fragrances and colours you think your parents would absolutely love. Use some moulds in shapes that you think they would like. Use your imagination and be as creative as possible. You can really personalise it by putting their names or initials on their or even some nice words.

You can cover the soap in handwritten notes that they can read every time they unwrap a new bar If the soap is not exciting enough, you can buy or make your own container at home to put the soap in. The presentation is key and once the soap is finished, they can repurpose the container and use it for something else and still have that as a keepsake.

Gifts to your parents should be personal but it’s should also be something that they will enjoy and can cherish for a long time.

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