Choosing The DIY Route to Home Improvement? Follow This Guide

With the new year and holiday season just around the corner, you’ll be preparing for all the get-togethers. If you enjoy hosting, it’ll surely be a fascinating period for you. It lets you have everyone come together in your home for a fun, intimate night of dancing and socializing. However, planning a get-together can be incredibly stressful if your home needs some re-dos and repairs. Every once in a while, your humble abode needs some extra attention to look its best. 

Most of us imagine home improvement to be a vastly time and resource-consuming project, and that’s why most of us keep stalling it. Although you can opt for various costly projects, the DIY route can often give you the most effective results. If you’re willing to learn more about upgrading your home without any extra hassle, keep reading below for the best DIY projects to undertake.

Add a fresh coat of paint

It may seem too basic, but it’s one of the most effective ways you can freshen up your home without needing to hire anyone or spend too much. With time, your walls can get worn out and dull and can impact the overall look of your home immensely. Additionally, you might encounter seepage and chipping if you have some structural issues. A fresh coat of paint can instantly revamp any room and make it look as good as new. 

Nonetheless, when adding a fresh coat of paint, you want to ensure you keep all your belongings safe. Getting rid of paint splatter on your furniture can be challenging. So, it’s better to stow away your belongings while the project is underway. If you’re in Indianapolis, an easy solution to your storage issues can be renting a storage unit. Apart from being incredibly safe, these units are affordable, easily accessible, and come in various sizes. With storage units Indianapolis IN, you can easily carry out your painting project without worrying about any damage to your belongings.

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Revive your deck

When considering any home improvement project, it’s just as important to consider the outdoors as the indoors. When someone walks up to your house, the exterior is the first thing they’ll notice. The patio deck is incredibly eye-catching, and dull, faded, puffy, and worn-out wood can make the rest of your house seem particularly drab too. Then, no matter how much time and money you spend doing up the rest of your home, you’ll be unable to undo the shabby impression set first. 

However, revamping your deck is much easier than it may seem. A rigorous scrub-down can work wonders and help remove any dirt, algae, and stains. A power wash is another excellent way to restore your deck to its former glory. Moreover, if you’re looking to go the extra mile, adding a fresh coat of polish can seal the deal. Adding a sealant won’t just restore your deck to its original condition but can also keep it from falling prey to the elements again. 

Add an accent wall

If you’re looking to add an architectural element to your home, adding an accent wall is indeed the best thing you can do yourself. It can seem challenging to add an accent wall on your own, but it’s a basic installation that won’t take much time or effort. Painting a pattern or adding wallpaper are two ways you can prepare one wall and make it stand out. 

Once you’ve prepared your accent wall, there are several ways you can decorate it. Transforming it into a gallery wall is a surefire way to revamp your home and make it seem much classier and well planned. Depending on your tastes and your home’s vibe, you can add classical paintings, minimalist line drawings, or abstract paintings and brighten up your home. Art is an incredible conversation piece and can make your home seem sophisticated, making your get-togethers more enjoyable. 

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Re-do your kitchen

When we think of the kitchen, most of us imagine it as a purely functional space with little to do with aesthetics. Nonetheless, having a shabby, dingy, greasy kitchen can put a damper on your entire home. Additionally, having a messy kitchen will make it challenging to cook. There are numerous ways you can re-do your kitchen and enhance functionality and aesthetics. 

If you’re looking to start with a smaller project, adding a new backsplash can bring some life into a grimy kitchen. It’ll make your kitchen look appealing while making it much easier to clean. 

Moreover, re-doing your cabinetry is an excellent way to simplify organization. 

You can repaint your cabinetry or go the extra mile and add glass doors instead of opaque wooden ones. If you have any fancy china, glass doors are the best way to showcase it. Furthermore, glass doors can make your kitchen seem much sleeker and can make it easy to see what’s inside when you’re cooking. Lastly, adding new facets, handles, and organizers to your closets is an excellent way to re-do your kitchen and make it look prettier and more functional. 

Update your lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in influencing your home’s aesthetics. Without proper lighting, your home can seem dull and unflattering. What’s more, older lighting fixtures can consume a lot of electricity and make your bills skyrocket. If you’re seeking a budget-friendly way to re-do your home, you can’t do better than updating your lighting. 

Alongside adding energy-efficient bulbs, consider updating your lampshades, adding newer lighting in strategic places, and updating your holders. Instead of bright, vivid lighting, opt for dimmer, moodier bulbs with warm, diffused lighting. They can cover up any flaws while making your home seem classier. 

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Planning a home renovation project may seem scary if you think it’ll put a significant dent in your pocket. However, if you opt for the DIY route, you can save a lot of money while improving your home immensely. These DIY projects are super easy to follow through with and can be a fun, creative activity for the entire family. Within a few days, you’ll have a home that looks better than ever before.

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