Preparing Your Trees for Christmas

Is it that time of year again and you’re looking for Christmas trees? Or are you just an early bird? Either or, preparing a tree for the holy season is no big deal at all, in fact, there are about four easy steps that you can do in order to get your tree in the right form.

1. Selection

Selecting the tree is the first thing you have to take care of; you simply cannot choose a tree when you don’t know if it’s size appropriate or not. The next thing you should think of is the type of tree; some tree types last longer than others, so either go for the Fraser fir or Noble fir. Long-lasting trees are the best because they retain moisture, which means that they are the ones that will look fresh the longest.

2. Removal

Removing the tree is the most crucial part in the whole preparation process; the removal will dictate the tree’s life cycle length. Taking the tree out of its place isn’t the only stage in the removal, and it certainly is not done in one way. There are many people who think tree pruning and tree removal are the best ways to remove a tree, and they are right, just as long as skilled professional people are performing either operation. Another thing you need to do after taking the tree out of its location is to trim the bottom branches with either a small saw or garden shears.

3. Cleansing

One of the most important things you need to do is to clean the tree before you have it in your house. Your future Christmas tree could have pests or bacteria; this tree has spent its life in the wild, you don’t really know what it has been exposed to. It is vital that you use a bleach solution to kill any kind of bacteria living in that tree and cleansing soapy water to cleanse it from all the dust on its leaves and general dirty areas. Finally, rinse carefully with water and let it dry in a clean space.

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4. Maintenance

You have gone through enough trouble to pick a tree that’s long-lasting and made sure to cut it properly so that it will last with you, which means that you really want this tree to stay fresh for the longest time possible. Trees love water, so make sure to constantly water your tree to retain its general vitality and to keep it healthy. Remember to water your tree at least every two days.

Christmas Is Coming

We all love the holiday season for many reasons; part of it is the general spirit in the air around Christmas time, getting the gifts, and obviously decorating the Christmas tree. Picking out the tree is the most important part of decoration because if the base doesn’t look its best, the decorations won’t be enough. All you need to do is to carefully cut and remove your tree, thoroughly clean it from any pests and bacteria that might be living on it, and finally, always remember to hydrate it.

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