Are You Planning to Buy A Mirror TV?

Interior designers have a common challenge, and that is the integration of entertainment and style. There are even clients who are requesting for sleeker design for their homes, but they are often unwilling to sacrifice their favorite movies and music. Because of this, it has led to a whole new subsection of AV products that are dedicated to subtle solutions that brought about hidden TVs to those in-ceiling speakers. From all of that, one of the best-selling products to come out of this is the birth of mirror TV. They are those things which look like a normal framed mirror that is being installed in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom when it is turned off. And when such is turned on, they will show vigorous images, which will allow you to watch your favorite show, movies, sports news, and even the daily news.

Mirror TVs are commonly found in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. If they are placed in the family room the bedrooms, they are principally placed there for stylistic purposes. The mirror TVs have been a choice for various homeowners because they can function as decorations when the television is turned off. If such is placed in the bathroom, it is still serving both the stylistic and practical purposes. In this way, you will be able to watch TV without having to introduce new huge equipment, and with the already numerous quantity of mirrors already installed, it has now become a natural hidden TV strategy.

There is also a lot of size option that usually ranges from 19 t0 65 inches depending on your preferences. Mostly, these smaller-sized mirror TV is installed in bathrooms or in the kitchen area. On the other hand, the larger sizes of these mirror TVs are usually placed as a part of an entertainment area in a bedroom and a media room.

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You can opt to what frame design you want to have, the color, the material being used and also the size, which should be compatible with the size of your television. If you are aiming to lean more on the decorative side then it is recommended that you choose a thicker frame. This so you can better hide the television. If you do not want a pre-designed frame, you can also choose to customize the frame of your TV so to suit your taste.

If you want to achieve a full hidden TV effect, then you will want to use a flat wall mount so that the areas of the TV behind the mirror will be hidden. It will also be easier to retain the illusion that it is just a mirror without having to invest in a frame when you a TV flush-mounted against the wall.

These mirror TVs only have the same audio quality as a traditional flat screen television has. So it is recommended to add a sound bar or a surround sound, or you may choose to link the television to your audio system for you to be able to achieve the highest sound quality. For people who have home cinemas, it is important that you receive good quality sound from your speakers, as without it it can make viewing experiences unenjoyable. Your speakers could be built into your TV, or you may have ceiling speakers installed instead. Just make sure that you get the best quality speakers that you can find.

If you are wondering how well the image quality is going to be, there are already Mirror TVs that offer the latest Ultra HD Technology. And because these are encased in a mirror, they become a little more inclined to glare. Because of this, you should make sure that you dim the lights and use blackout shades so that you will be able to get the best image quality.

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There are already major manufacturers who offer mirror TVs which are precisely designed for bathroom use that can handle the water and humidity that are associated with the environment. These mirror TVs also come with its waterproof remotes that you can utilize for you to change the channel and adjust the volume. Of course, you should not assume that any TV can be able to operate in a humid or outdoor environment because this greatly reduces the life of the television and it can also void the warranty from such manufacturer. If you have a technology consultant, it is much better to ask him or her about televisions that have these kinds of specific uses.

Each of us may have your own reasons why we want to buy a mirror TV or have a customized frame for your TV. Some of those reasons might be that you would not want to miss your favorite show or your favorite team is playing just because you have to go to the bathroom. The innovation of the mirror TV has been a direct answer for such needs.

Of course, when you buy something you must not compromise the quality, especially for electronic devices. You can list all brands or types of mirror TV and make an evaluation or survey from those available models before you get to decide on buying one.

If you already have a trusted or favorite brand of TV, then it is best that you stick with that choice because you already know for a fact that such brand offers high-quality appliances. The price range of mirror TVs depends on the size of the mirror that you will choose. If you want to buy a waterproof mirror TV, then you should expect its price to be a little bit expensive than the other regular ones. If you want to avail of other features, that too might add up to the cost of the mirror TV.

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It is preferable for you to choose a mirror TV because it is slimmer and lighter than those LCD or Plasma TVs. Also, mirror TV is easily mounted on the walls. The dual function that it offers along with it being waterproof works wonders especially if it is placed in a damp environment.

If you are one of those who likes to keep up with the latest technology, then this will indeed satisfy your quest for tech-savvy gadgets. And aside from its UHD TV experience, its absolute flat screen will also make sure that it will keep you mesmerized.

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