5 Certifications That Marketers Should Go For

The explosion of digital marketing has changed the way we do business. It’s also changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions. No longer are they swayed by a flyer in the mail or television ad. Now, consumers are tech-savvy and want to do business with brands that understand what they want, in addition to creating […]

5 Reasons Why All Women Want Amazon Gifts

Shove aside the politics and face the facts: Women want Amazon gifts. Excuses like low prices must mean cheap quality, and products should be viewed in-person before purchase, simply don’t cut it here. Amazon, as the most extensive online retail warehouse, has everything women could possibly want, for every type of woman. Whether the woman […]

5 Tips for Keto Diet Success

What do Award-winning actress Halle Berry, athletes Lebron James and Tim Tebow, and reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian have in common? Well, aside from their wealth and stardom, all of them swear by the keto diet. Keto or ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate, adequate-protein, and high-fat diet that allows your body to undergo a […]

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