What to Compare While Choosing a Fleet Card

For you to be a successful fleet operator or manager, regardless of the business lines, such as taxi or trucking company, you need to utilize various tools. While choosing various tools, nonetheless, you need to employ due diligence and avoid falling victim to unnecessary trends that only consume your valuable time and money. While selecting […]

Robots Have Learned How to Speak Body Language

We often acquire knowledge of body language through observing people, the environment, or by mimicking the behaviour. Understanding the whole context of the communication can also be obtained through artificial intelligence mechanisms, as discussed in technological-related sites like robots.net. We can distinguish if the person is lying or not, for instance, just by observing his […]

Using Ride On Mowers on Sloping Land

Many customers have complained that ride-on mowers are not great on hills because they haven’t enough traction. This is true to some extent because residential ride-on mowers are designed to use on hills or slopes less than 15 degrees. This fact is mentioned in the manual of the lawn tractor. There are ride-on mowers that […]

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