How to Decorate Your Boring Bedroom

Messy and unsightly bedrooms can feel claustrophobic, quite frankly, unliveable. Unfortunately, we can easily run out of ideas and time to put our bedroom stuff together and continue that cycle of upside-down bedroom living. The good news is that little strategic styling and creative organization will turn your somewhat messy bedroom into a palace. Even […]

How to Apply Venetian Polished Plaster

Since the middle ages, Venetian plasters and Marmorino have been used to create stunning plaster finishes. Today they are recalled with different names such as ‘polished plasters’ or ‘marble plasters’. These names have been given because of the distinctive finishes achieved. Finishing can be shiny, smooth, and marble-like or textured to look like stones. Venetian […]

All you need to know about City Map Art

Since 2014 we’ve mapped over 1500 cities, and we’re not done! Each map art print is carefully hand-crafted by husband and wife duo Owen de Lancie and Emily Warkentin using mapping techniques they learned while studying architecture together at university. From alleys and airports to oceans and river-ways, you’ll gain a new appreciation and perspective […]

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