Lush Home: Style Your Interior Design With Urban Modern Twist

Humans are creatures of comfort. We love spaces that appeal to our senses and that look warm and welcoming, so it’s natural to feel drawn to interiors that reflect those qualities. The question is, how do we create a space that oozes with balance and tranquility while achieving a look that’s modern and sophisticated?

Enter urban modern design style – a style that merges comfort with glamour while giving nods to a combination of design styles such as industrial, minimalist, and contemporary. A perfect solution for a soft yet urban look, this design style is rather easy to introduce into your interiors. Here are a couple of tips to help get you started.

Rely on a calming, neutral color palette to create a sense of balance

First things first, when looking to create a welcoming and urban oasis in your home, neutral colors are your best friend. Their sophisticated look and calming effects make them the perfect design tools for creating a blank slate, which is why they’re practically a staple in urban modern abodes.

Go with white, gray, brown, and even black to enhance the urban edge. Rely on a restricted color palette consisting of several shades that are similar to design appealing interiors with minimalist flair. Use neutrals for everything from walls and floors to bigger furniture pieces and everyday objects to set the base for a perfectly balanced lived-in look.

Aim for continuity, but avoid a look that’s too matchy-matchy

Another important element of urban modern spaces is the use of one color or several similar colors to create a sense of cohesiveness. The goal here is to design your interiors in a way that each of the rooms flows perfectly together. Instead of looking at every room as a fragment, look at your home as a cohesive whole.

Using similar colors in every room is the best and easiest way to tie everything together, but patterns and textures are some other great tools you can use if you’re not into a monochromatic look. That said, avoid creating a look that’s too matchy-matchy. This can be done by infusing the interiors with subtle splashes of color here and there to enhance visual interest – artwork, flowers, and throw pillows are perfect for this.

Include a variety of textures for added visual weight

Speaking of decor pieces that soften an otherwise edgy look, another key element in designing urban modern interiors is texture. When examining the room, our eyes don’t just see the space – they can also “feel” the elements that surround us. A room that incorporates a variety of textures appears more visually appealing, especially if the room is monochromatic.

Boring and dull spaces with no visual interest can be made warmer and more inviting almost immediately with the addition of cozy textiles. Even if it means simply rolling out one of the gorgeous modern rugs from Miss Amara and draping a knit blanket over a comfy sofa, adding textiles that vary in textures can significantly improve the overall appeal of the room. Introducing a couple of fluffy pillows and hanging textured curtains and drapes has a similar effect, and can be a great way to add visual weight and put finishing touches on a room.

Simplify your approach to decor

When it comes to decorating urban modern interiors, simplifying is key. That’s not to say you should keep your decor pieces to a bare minimum, but less is definitely more here.

Infuse your interiors with pieces that reflect your personality and charm, and introduce them in small doses. Think in terms of purpose and function when choosing decor pieces for your interiors while at the same time paying attention to their aesthetic appeal. Good examples of this include potted plants and wall art that makes a statement. They’ll enhance the visual appeal of the room while at the same time making it feel warm and personal.

Have fun experimenting with scale

Urban modern interiors rely on restricted color palette, simple decor, and minimalist furnishings. Because of this, you will need to find a way to make some of the elements pop without going overboard. Scale is one of the design tools that can be of major help in achieving this.

It involves varying the size of certain elements to add a touch of drama. Try mixing petite decor pieces with oversized elements to create contrast, playing with everything from lighting to art to mirrors. The only rule here is to make it feel exclusive to you and to have fun experimenting.

Wrapping up

Giving your home an urban modern twist doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. Follow these tips and you should have no problem designing a harmonious, cozy, and sophisticated oasis of comfort and style.

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