Why You Should Always Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

When it comes to replacing the roof, the thought of taking on the work as a summer DIY project is, for many homeowners, a tempting one. After all, how hard can it be to strip the old shingles and replace them with new ones?

The truth is that roofing a house is a lot more complicated than it seems, and taking on the job on your own can lead to serious issues — and can actual decrease your home’s value.

If you want to make sure you don’t damage your home or leave serious problems unaddressed, here’s why you should always make sure to hire a roofing contractor who can make sure your re-roofing job is done safely and efficiently.

Contractors Know What to Look For

Most homeowners understand that they are not experts in home building and maintenance, and will acknowledge that professional contractors have more skill than they do. But when confronted with the cost of replacing their roof, it’s tempting to think that with enough research and preparation, they can figure things out for themselves. How complicated could it be?

The problem is that replacing a roof is rarely as simple as removing the old shingles and nailing down the new ones.

A roof is a complicated system, and you never really know what you’re going to find under the current layer of roofing materials. There’s no guarantee that the last homeowner had the job done properly, and if you run into issues related to rotten deck boards or mouldy insulation, it can be hard for someone without extensive experience working on roofs to know how to address the root problems.

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When you hire an experienced roofing contractor you’re getting someone who has seen it all before, and has intimate knowledge of how insulation, ventilation, tar paper and ice and water shield all fit together to channel water, snow, and ice away from your home while also ensuring that the heat rising from inside has a place to go so as to prevent ice dams from forming in the winter.

Given how complicated a roof really is, it’s best to hire someone who knows what kinds of problems to look for, and can come up with long-term solutions.

Contractors Provide More Efficient Service

Experience doesn’t just mean that contractors know what kind of roofing problems to look for and anticipate; it also means they will get the job done more quickly than you would be able to on your own.

As any homeowner who has tried their hand at a DIY renovation project will tell you, taking on a big job always means learning things on the go. You have to make mistakes to learn how major home features like plumbing systems or roofs work, and these mistakes often mean wasting time and money.

Contractors spend every day focussing on the problems related to their work, and this means they have the technical skill to make sure things get done right the first time.

Given how disruptive roofing is even at the best of times, paying a little extra to make sure the job gets done quickly and efficiently is well worth it.

One of the reasons why DIY projects are such rewarding is that they give homeowners a feeling of understanding for how the different components in their house operate. And in many cases, pursuing DIY projects is a great way to get maintenance done cheap.

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But when it comes to your roof, it’s best not to take chances. Leave re-roofing to professional roofing contractors who can ensure the job gets done right, and your roof protects your home and add to its value for years to come.

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