Halloween Costume Inspired by American Drama Series Breaking Bad

We are very thankful to Stephen Daly for submitting this awesome Halloween Costume Inspired by American Drama Series Breaking Bad for our Halloween Costumes contest. Hope everyone going to love this costume and some peoples might be like to try this costume. Follow the few steps below given by the Stephen Daly along with the required material for this costume.

Hi Stephen Daly from Ireland here said id dress up as one of the scariest people on the planet this year ,, a dying meth dealer with nothing to loose ,, the clothes i had lyong around and i wasn’t gonna shave off my lovely grey locks ? so i home made a bald cap, now because i left it too late and couldn’t buy a large amount of latex i had to come up with a different plan so i went with pva and kitchen towel, i blew up a balloon to roughly the size of my head and layered on a few coats of kitchen towel and pva glue when it dried i cut a space for my face then placed it on my head.

Then i sketched roughly my hairline and where my ears are and did a bit more cutting, i had to cut a split up the centre at the back so i could adjust the taper to fit my head and neck snugly, once i had it right i used some more glue and kitchen towel to seal, i painted it pink let it dry then used a small amount of liquid latex and tissue paper to blend it to my forehead, for the makeup i used my partners makeup covering the cap and my face with foundation to get an even skintone, then contouring sticks and an eye liner pencil to age myself a bit finishing up with white and yellow eyeshadows to give a sick look,, bought a hat for 5euro and reading glasses for 2euro the latex came in a cheap Halloween makeup kit that was 2 euro , and this was my result, i hope yo like it.

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Halloween Costume Inspired by Drama Series Breaking Bad

Halloween Costume Inspired by American Drama Series Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Inspire Halloween Costume

Breaking Bad Costume Making

Breaking Bad Inspired Costume

Making of Breaking Bad Costume

Making of Breaking Bad Halloween Costume

Share your thought and view about this stunning Halloween costume in the comment section. Enjoy!

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