Problems with Low Testosterone? Thinking about Testosterone Replacement with Steroids? Wait, Not so Fast!

Most of the times, no problem is made a problem; mostly due to ignorance, and sometimes, partial information or wrong information. Men today are increasingly getting concerned about problems with low testosterone. I too went with the flow; but not anymore. If you ask me now, I would say that it is no big a deal. It is only another very normal process in nature. So, instead of rushing for any medication on your own and putting yourself in danger listen to my story carefully, as I speak from experience. I had my doubts cleared out with a doctor. So the ones shy about consultations can take interest in my tale.

What To Do If You Have Low Testosterone?

I am a 45 years old, content with life. I have a lovely little family. Apart from occasional cold and fever, I don’t mostly get sick. I have good sleep, mostly a good humor. But of late, I have been finding difficulties performing in bed. Sex drive is not how it was 20 years ago. Stamina has considerably decreased as well. I was naturally concerned. I also figured out that my bones were getting weaker. Instead of consulting a doctor I got some medicines and tried them for a while. However, no significant development was seen and some new uneasiness started gradually. I started having difficulties in digesting food. I started gaining fat. Then I decided to see a doctor in real instead of going through self medication.

And so, I did. The first thing the doctor told me was to throw away any medication I was having. He told me that I was only killing myself, taking those medicines without prior consultations. The doctor told me to accept the fact that I was gradually getting old and my testosterone levels will gradually drop too; at something about a percent or two, a year. And the sooner one accepted this the better it is, as I’m told. He further said that it is unwise of anybody to try and fight the will of nature. The pills that I was taking were actually destroying my liver, without any substantial benefits to the rest of my body. Without a diagnosis any such medications are killers.

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Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

I learned from my doctor, it is very normal for us men to gradually lose the stamina, and experience a lowering of the sex drive of all the things. It is best to go along with it. However, I also learned that one could actually be suffering from low testosterone disorders. In those cases, one should take medical help. Here are a few symptoms of low testosterone levels. While these will show up in everyone after a certain age, abnormalities in those should be looked for, as those could mean some trouble:

  • Low sense of well-being (a persistent feeling that something is wrong with you)
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Decreased muscle mass.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Irritability. (easily snapping out)
  • Depression.
  • Low sex drive.
  • Fatigue.
  • Bodily and facial hair loss.

I am telling you again, that while these will gradually show up in each of us with age, any sudden changes could mean trouble, thus, get yourself tested after consulting the doctor and get the treatment as per your doctor’s advice whether it is medication or testosterone replacement therapy.

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