Ways to Monitor Your Home Safety

Imagine on coming back from work, you find your front door open, knowing very well you had locked it. You will begin to panic and the shock you will get if you find your house ransacked with everything in disarray will confirm your worst fears; you have been robbed. Even as you come to terms with the unfortunate incident, you might start to consider how you can monitor your home safely.

The following methods can be useful:

Keep your doorstep free from flyers

You might be surprised, but some burglars will tell when you are not around by the number of flyers at your doorstep. Some may want some confirmation by leaving a flyer, and if no one picks it, they will have found their next target. Therefore, if you will be away from home for a few days, you can request your neighbor to pick any flyers for you.

Trim your garden hedges and mow your lawn

No burglar wants to be seen casing an apartment so they will look for the right spot to stay hidden until the time to break into the house is ripe. Tall bushes around your windows are the ideal place so always keep your hedges short. Further, if you have taken a vacation and are sure that the grass will grow tall before you are back, you can engage the services of a landscaper to mow your lawn and eliminate any potential hiding spot or signal calling out that you are not around.

Get an alarm system

Nothing can scare away a burglar faster than breaking into a house and immediately getting some sirens in response. They may not be as effective as professionally-installed monitors systems since they do not sound if the glass breaks, but opening the windows and doors will activate them. Such falarms are best in areas which lack visibility. Having a visible house alarm can deter an opportunist but a hidden one can help catch those who have premeditated the burgary.

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Install cameras

Cameras are a significant deterrent to crime. You can, therefore, invest in a security camera and have dd counter measures do home surveillance for you. Alternatively, if your budget is tight, you do not have to go with the real thing; a dummy security camera will still scare away burglars into thinking you are watching them.

Do not announce you will be away from home

Now that you have an active social following on Instagram or Facebook do not think everyone there is your friend. As much as the idea of taking a vacation in the Bahamas is exciting to share on your timeline, broadcasting that you will not be at home will send the message to the burglars that there is a potential house to rob.

Protecting your home does not have to dig into your savings. You can ensure that your property is safe, especially when you are not around by being proactive in engaging your neighbors or taking matters into your own hands. Also, remember that not everyone has your best interests on Facebook so limit the personal information you post.

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