Essential Components of a Korean Beauty Routine

Many non-Koreans are drawn to trying out beauty regimens that the majority of Koreans swear by. Even famous Hollywood celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson are ardent believers. With the hope of achieving Korean celebrity-like skin (fresh, bright, and glasslike), women from across the world are getting into the K-beauty bandwagon.

Ordinary beauty programs usually involve about three products for cleansing, moisturizing, and toning. A Korean skincare box, on the other hand, it’s composed of eight items for each of the K-beauty steps. Every skincare product is specifically designed to prepare your skin for the following step to achieve the best results.

Are you curious about the K-beauty steps? Here are its most essential components:


Korean skincare regimen begins with cleansing, as with other everyday beauty rituals. The main difference, however, is that Koreans take more time doing so. K-beauty regimen requires the use of a deep cleanser to remove make-up, a water-based cleanser to remove excess oil and deep-seated dirt, and mild cleansing foam to clean the pores thoroughly.

The natural cosmetic shop, JOAHYE, offers a Korean skincare box to assist everyone who wants to try a complete K-beauty routine. The box contains a revolutionary make-up remover product for deep cleansing, cleansing water, and cleansing foam just for the first step alone.

Ensuring the skin is thoroughly clean down to the pores, but without damaging or drying it, is a significant part of Korean skincare.


Exfoliating is another substantial component of the K-beauty regimen. Exfoliating is done to brighten the skin by removing dead skin cells, albeit in the most gentle manner. Instead of using a single exfoliating product all the time, Koreans use an exfoliator that is most suitable to their skin condition on a particular time.

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A Korean beauty routine also consists of using a toner to ensure that the skin’s pH levels are balanced. It is also used for hydration and to prep the skin in fully absorbing other skincare products. Note that while regular toners are usually harsh on the skin because of its alcohol content, K-toners contain mild ingredients that nurture the skin.


Korean skincare routine also focuses on caring for the delicate skin around the eyes because it usually shows signs of premature skin aging like fine lines and wrinkles. This step involves the use of beauty products that nourishes the skin and improves its elasticity.


The use of essence is another part of Korean skincare. Essence is a serum that brightens the skin and locks moisture in, so the skin remains hydrated for hours.

Facial Masks

The use of facial sheet masks is critical in a Korean beauty routine. These masks are infused with ingredients that address specific skin concerns like dry and dull-looking complexion. JOAHYE’s Korean skincare box contains sheet masks made from eucalyptus to solve various skin problems.


A good moisturizer can never be left out as it is essential in keeping the skin completely hydrated and young-looking. K-moisturizers contain gentle ingredients that can be easily absorbed by the skin. It is their secret to achieving the sought-after “glass skin.”

Koreans are known for their beautiful, glowing, and youthful complexion, which is not surprising considering the care they give to their skin as discussed above. The K-beauty routine shows all good results; it only requires time and effort.

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