Are Skin Tags Harmful? And How To Get Rid of Them?

Urgh, It stings!

That describes how irritated you are with those bits of skin growth—making a significant discomfort for you to wear jewelry.

Skin tags are soft, floating outgrowths of the skin that can range from 1mm to 12.5mm. These growths may appear anywhere and take shape, such as a ball or a finger. Skin tags mainly develop on folds and places that experience friction or rubbing, such as the neck, eyelids, armpits, and underlegs.

Many individuals worry about skin tags because they can sometimes be uncomfortable and itchy. While they may first seem like a little patch or mole, their increasing size can make it impossible to wear jewelry or well-fitting clothes. London’s best skin tag removal treatments at Rejuvence clinic have been making people comfortable within themselves and their essential everyday work.

How To Get Rid of Skin Tags?

After speaking with a doctor, there are numerous procedures you can try to say goodbye to your skin tags forever.


Cauterization treatments are used if skin tags are large. The skin tag is burned using an electric laser, causing the surrounding tissues to be destroyed. A rapid process helps to prevent infections and severe bleeding. Before beginning this treatment, you can address any potential scarring with your doctor.


This is the procedure of removing the skin tags after freezing the tissues of the skin tag area with liquid nitrogen. Despite being painless because local anesthesia is used to numb the skin before freezing, this treatment nevertheless brings inflammation. By entirely detaching frozen tissues from the skin, it takes a skin tag about 10 to 15 days to fall off ultimately.

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Drying the tissues from the skin tag location is another method for getting rid of skin tags. This procedure can be used to treat skin tags in addition to moles. A sharp needle-shaped electrode dries the tissues by applying a high-voltage current to the skin’s surface.


The suitable candidates for this surgery are tiny skin tags. Here, a doctor will secure your skin tag with dental floss and leave it alone for a few days. This procedure causes the blood flow in the skin tag’s blood vessels to halt, which finally causes the skin tag to fall off.


Cutting the skin tags off with scissors is a quick but unpleasant process. Following the size of the skin tag, it may bleed and require numerous stitches and badges.

At Home Remedies

Many experts maintain that you shouldn’t try to remove a skin tag at home because the method is a little dangerous. OTC kits for cauterization, dental floss ligation, and freezing are available at home, but they come with a lot of danger.

Using these treatments at home runs the risk of causing dermatitis on the nearby skin and significant bleeding. It’s advisable to hire a pro to conduct them. There are a few risk-free home cures that you can try if you’re not in a rush to remove your skin tags.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has antibacterial qualities that aid in the fight against viruses and fungi. Use a swab to thoroughly clean the skin tag region before massaging the oil into it, leaving it on for the entire night, and then bandaging it. Skin tags are treated for several nights till they disappear.

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The anti-inflammatory qualities of garlic can help shrink skin tags. Apply crushed garlic to the tag and cover it with a bandage for the night.

To notice a difference, you must carry out this procedure every night.

Apple Cider Vinegar

When skin tags are applied with apple cider vinegar, the tissue around the skin tag is dried, which may cause the skin tag to fall off. Apply apple cider vinegar through cotton, then dress it in a bandage. After keeping it on for 20 minutes, wash it off.

Don’t repeat it If you experience any irritation.

Vitamin E Oil

With its anti-aging characteristics, vitamin E oil is frequently used to tighten skin using pore-reducing and wrinkle-reducing techniques. In addition, skin tags can be removed using it, with effects appearing after a few days. Simply take a small quantity and massage it into your skin tag.

Wrap Up

Warts and moles are frequently mistaken for skin tags which risks treating moles incorrectly as skin tags because they occasionally contain malignancy. Before beginning any treatment, one should always get professional counsel or a checkup.

Rejuvenate clinic provides the best consultation as well as treatment. Once confirmed, you can have any cosmetic procedure to remove skin tags. You will also receive the best assistance and post-operative care guidance to ensure successful skin tag removal.

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