Lawn Maintenance Innovations You May Not Have Heard of Yet

We are constantly looking for ways to perform our day-to-day tasks faster, and for solutions that can help us finish off chores that eat up our precious free time – and the laborious task of lawn maintenance is no exception.

With technological advances today, taking care of your lawn has become a simpler endeavor. Thanks to innovations in the fields of irrigation, grass mowing, and landscaping, there are various solutions on the market that fit every need and budget. In this article, we shed light on three lawn maintenance innovations that can help you do it faster, better, cheaper, and in an eco-friendly manner. Admittedly some people will find it much more cost and time efficient to speak to an experienced company like who know all about lawns and how to care for them all year round. However, some people do prefer to have more control and care for everything themselves, the choice is entirely yours.

Weather-Based Smart Irrigation Systems

A weather-based irrigation system includes either a mini on-site “weather station” or simply a weather sensor, with the ability to monitor environmental conditions like temperature, rainfall, and solar radiation on your lawn. They then automatically turn on and off the watering sprinklers accordingly.

These sensors are usually small, and can be mounted discreetly on a building, fence post, or on any object in your yard, and function using wireless communication. They are also fairly affordable, considering the promised savings on irrigation water consumption by 20-25% or more. Some of these solutions are connected to your smartphone through an app for even more convenience.

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Cordless Mowers

Deciding on the best lawn mower to purchase for your garden can be challenging, for there are various available models on the market today to choose from. To make things simpler, the rule of thumb now is: if you own a small or mid-sized property, then cordless electric lawn mowers would be the perfect choice for you. Cordless mowers happen to be very convenient and user-friendly; don’t pose the tripping hazard of the cord; don’t need gas to operate, hence, don’t emit pollutants; and produce way less noise than their corded counterparts. You could even look into roller mowers that work off of your manpower, check out Reel Rollers for more information.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

This may be the newest and most advanced trend in garden care. The use of virtual and augmented reality technologies through custom applications is now a thing for lawn maintenance! These solutions help you by listing the steps and instructions of your lawn mowing task, letting you know if you’ve missed a spot. They also offer features to help you design your own landscape, as well as other useful options.

Grass is Always Greener

As you try to figure out new ways to make your life easier – and nonetheless, your lawn duties – you are likely to stumble upon a number of inventions and solutions. And while many of them may not be right for you, especially if your yard is on the smaller side of the spectrum, you can make some of them work for you. Cutting extra costs and helping out the environment by using water-saving smart irrigation systems and battery-powered mowers may be good ways to start. And for that little bonus towards perfection, a test run on a virtual reality app may not hurt. Who knows, the grass might actually seem greener after trying out these tricks!

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