Easy and Cheap Backyard Projects for the Weekend

The weekend is here again and perhaps you are ready to break up the monotony of doing the same thing each time. Have you ever thought about investing a little bit of money and blocking out some time to complete a fun DIY project? Do you have a backyard that could a little bit of pizzazz with some minor upgrading? Not a full overhaul that would require high dollars but little projects that you could complete yourself in a weekend to change the look of your backyard. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place because today we are going to break down some easy and cheap backyard projects that can be completed in a weekend.

Create a Box Garden

Head to your local hardware store and purchase some lumber (think 2x4s) to create box gardens that can be placed in your backyard. You’ll need:

  • lumber to create rectangular boxes,
  • nails to hold them together,
  • netting or mesh made for gardens to hold the soil in place,
  • Potting soil and seeds or already rooted plants.

Before making these box gardens, ensure that you have access to a suitable water supply for future maintenance of your box garden(s).

To cut the lumber into the sizes that will best suit your backyard, invest in a cheap chainsaw that can also be used in future backyard maintenance. Chainsaws can be used for trimming unruly trees, removing stumps, and chopping wood into sections for a fire pit. Want to find the best cheap chainsaws so you don’t blow your budget? Check out Backyard Boss.

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Once the lumber has been cut to size, nail them together in the shape of a rectangle. Place the mesh or netting inside the boxes, allowing for a little bit of overlap to nail or staple onto the boxes themselves. Spread out the potting soil evenly throughout the box and gently plant your seedlings. Water as per the instructions is given by your local nursery and wait for the growing to commence.

You can also create two separate boxes, one for flowers and/or shrubs and one for vegetables so you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Create a Stepping Stone Path

Visit a quarry or a local garden center to purchase flat circular-shaped stones and use these to create a stone stepping path to a focal point of your backyard. If you have a swing set for children or a gazebo, pool, etc. then use the stones to create a path to these areas. If you are looking for a way to decorate your garden space, you might find that, along with outdoor structures similar to these amish pavilions, stones, and flowers can give you the whimsical feel you are looking for.

Paint the stones different colors to create a rainbow path to your favorite locations but remember to purchase weather resistant paint so your efforts aren’t wasted during the next rain.
You can also purchase order of crushed stone from your local cement mixing retailer and spread this in an even swoop to a central location.

Revive Old Furniture

If you have furniture that is in need of a little TLC currently residing on your patio; this is the perfect opportunity to create a new look on a budget. Upholster your cushions with a funky fabric to add a pop of color or use a neutral color to contrast against the natural beauty of the outdoors.

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Purchase some weather resistant stain to change up the color of your patio or the wooden frames of your furniture. Most brands will dry within 10 hours, so if you stain something on a Saturday, by Sunday; you are decorating!

Add Accent Pieces

Add some fun pops of color or contrast again the natural backdrop of your backyard by investing in some accent pieces to place around in random places. Look for brightly colored stones to create a pathway to your garden or surround the entrance to the backyard with twinkling lights.

If you have outdoor furniture, go to a fabric shop and purchase funky swatches that suit your personality. Cover the cushions or sew a tablecloth to bring the feeling of summer alive in your backyard.

If you have children, ask them to paint large flat stones and place these in the corners of the patio or use them to outline a path to a particular location, such as a pool or gazebo. Look for bright planters and use them to show off a wide variety of flowers that will regrow each spring and summer.

Cinder Block Coffee Table/Planter

Visit your local hardware store or contact someone who is in construction to request three or four cinder blocks. Purchase heavy-duty glue to hold them together and weather resistant concrete paint.

Paint the cinder blocks once they have been adhered together and use this as a low coffee table or planter! If you are using it as a coffee table, place small pieces of wood in the holes of the block to prevent any messes from occurring and if you are using it as a planter? Simply fill the holes with potting soil and filler to create a colorful mini oasis.

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There are multiple easy and cheap projects that you could start and finish this weekend! Why spend time sitting in the house wondering what to do with your time when instead you can be outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and spending time with your loved ones. Feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a task that you set your mind to and head to your local hardware store for some supplies.

With a little bit of ambition and time to invest; you can completely change the look of your backyard without having to dip into your savings to hire expensive contractors. Instead you can relax in your new backyard and survey the area with a sense of pride knowing that you completed this with your own two hands.

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