What Are the Benefits of Activewear?

The new study from Victoria University on the women’s activewear industry revealed that it could be more helpful to women than dressing in regular clothing. Evidence has shown that people wearing fitness clothes–whether or not they intend to work out or compete in athletics–are much more likely to partake in healthy physical exercise. Today, with […]

Physiotherapy and Its Usefulness

In Physiotherapy different treatment techniques are used to restore movement and function within the body. The main objective of physiotherapy is to optimize someone’s ability to move and function whilst at the same time reducing pain and preventing recurrence. It is the assessment and treatment of physical health and aims to correct disorderness of the […]

Curing Horrible Hangovers: An Over EZ Review

There are few days worse than the dreaded “hangover day.” While an entire Sunday laying in bed watching Netflix and ordering delivery should be pretty nice, it’s impossible to enjoy when you’re battling a splitting headache and stomach-churning nausea. For those, like me, who suffer from painful (or sometimes) debilitating hangovers, drinking with friends can […]

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