5 Fat Burners That Work Rapidly Without Stress

Fat burners are known for increased fat metabolism, reduced fat absorption, promote weight loss, and increase fat oxidation while you work out. There is a lot of controversy surrounding weight loss supplements, which makes it difficult to weed out the fakes from the real deal.

We have curated a list of five fat burners that work without stressing your body. Supplements that contain any of these five ingredients are bound to give you results.

Green Tea Extract

You have heard of the benefits of green tea in improving metabolism. This is because it contains caffeine and Polyphenol Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), which help in converting fat to energy.

Concentrated green tea is called green tea extract. About 250 to 300 mg of the extract is equal to three to five cups of green tea. The compounds in the extract help turn your body’s fat into heat through a process called thermogenesis. One study found that green tea extract and caffeine together helped the subjects’ burn 16% more fat than others.


Caffeine is known for boosting metabolism, and it is the most common ingredient in fat burning supplements. Caffeine intake can help boost metabolism by 16% for the next one to two hours. Supplements have caffeine that helps to increase metabolism and burns more fat through oxidation while you exercise.

That said, be cautious of the amount of caffeine the supplements contain. Too much caffeine can have adverse effects like insomnia, stomach irritation, vomiting, and restlessness. Switch to zero caffeine supplements instead.

Protein Powder

Protein has several benefits in weight loss. Increased protein intake helps you feel full for longer, thus curbing your appetite. Also, as you exercise, protein burns fat and replaces it with lean muscle. It ranks top among fat burners that work.

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Bodybuilders mainly used protein supplements until a few decades ago. Several studies found that it was also beneficial in weight loss. Since then, protein powders have gained popularity with those looking to lose weight. There are several sources of protein, like whey, soy, egg, and casein. You can take your pick. Also, these powders are available in delicious flavors like chocolate, cookies and cream, cinnamon roll, etc. Got your mouth watering?


Used as an aphrodisiac in Central and Western Africa, Yohimbine is found in the bark of the Pausinystaliayohimbe tree. One study found that athletes taking 10 mg of the compound were able to shed 2.2% of their body fat in just three weeks.

Adrenalin encourages the body to burn fat to fuel. Usually, in overweight people, this process is blocked by receptors. Receptors don’t allow adrenalin to function as it should. Yohimbine binds the receptors so that adrenalin can work as it should and continue to burn fat.

Soluble Fiber

Fiber has several benefits. It keeps you full for longer. Soluble fiber combines with the water in your stomach and forms a gel-like substance that helps curb appetite. This helps increase the level of PPY and GLP-1, both fullness hormones.

It also slows the digestion process and allows your body to absorb nutrition from the food you eat.

Weight loss is now easy. With a plethora of fat burners that work, you can pick one and start your journey towards a fitter you.

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