The Anatomy of Addiction

Hundreds of thousands of human beings deal with addiction daily. These addictions can be to substances or behavior like compulsive gambling or sex addiction. Most people understand that addiction is a compulsive desire to engage in destructive behavior, even though they understand they aren’t doing themselves any favor. But then, few people truly understand the […]

The 8 Health Benefits of Cycling

Everyone knows that one of the most important things for staying healthy and well is to be physically active. Cycling is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to ensure that you get the physical exercise you need to lower the risk of the diseases which unfortunately are the leading causes of death today […]

Protecting Your Body as You Age

Living in an age in which medical care and pharmaceutical items are widely available means that looking after yourself – and living a long and healthy life right into old age – is now more possible than ever. However, there are still problems with which to contend. Arthritis, for example, afflicts over 50 million adult […]

What Causes Impotence

Steady apprehensive strain adversely influences men’s wellbeing. Stress can cause unsuccessful close connections between a man and a lady. In medicinal practice, this marvel is called ineptitude or impotence. To every one of us, men, it appears that this will never happen to us. I suspected as much as well. Moreover, when erection is not […]

5 Tips to Achieve Better Sleep

Quality sleep is an asset, but a third of American adults sadly do not get enough sleep, according to the CDC. With sleep deprivation being a constant enemy that they have to fight, such people have to come to terms with weight gain, reduced productivity and the looming threat of contracting common diseases. If you […]

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