How to Use HTV Vinyl for Your Next Craft Project

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is something that every craftsperson should use because of its simple and versatile use. HTV is a hands down favorite when making T-shirts designs. Tradition adhesive tends to wear out quickly, so HTV is the better option. The vinyl can come in sheets or rolls in an array of smashing colors. […]

How Can You Benefit from Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers kits for adults has quickly become one of the most favorite adult past times ever. They are simple enough that people of all skill levels and even people who are new to painting can make use of them. At the same time, they do provide a bit of a challenge, just enough […]

How to Install a Window

Here is an already compiled list. It entails what you will be needing when it comes the time to do the self window installation. TOOLS circular saw screw gun pry bar MATERIALS wooden window sill insulation cedar shims Terminology Jamb Extension – A jamb extension is a wood piece that has been ripped down and […]

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