6 Types of Bathtubs for Your Bathroom

While most people are happy with basic showers in their bathrooms, others want a more relaxing bathing experience. Bathtubs can easily become a centrepiece for your bathroom and make it look luxurious. For the right bathing experience, choosing the right type of bathtub is essential. Here are some of the most common types of bathtubs available in the market so that you can decide which one suits your requirements –

Standard Alcove Tubs

These are perfect for those living in apartments and do not have much space to install a tub. These are surrounded by walls on all three sides and have only one finished side is open from where you can get in and out. These come in standard length, width, and height, allowing you to replace an older one conveniently.

Whirlpool and Air Tubs

These have in-built jets that shoot water or even air at strategically located spaces. These provide a relaxing massage and are great for people with joint or muscle pains. The jets help reduce aches and pains in the body after a hard day at work. These are costlier than other types of tubs in the market, but the pleasure experience will surely make up for it.

Japanese Style or Soaking Tubs

Also called Japanese Ofuro, these freestanding tubs offer a peaceful bathing experience that you can find in top-notch resorts and spas. These are available in striking and appealing designs, usually with sloping walls. These are different than the western style tubs, as people do not take a bath in these tubs, but use it exclusively for soaking. People take a shower and then enter the tub to relax.

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Traditional Clawfoot Tubs

These are the most trending bathtubs out there. These work best with bathrooms that are decorated in a more retro style. These tubs have little designer feet in sloping curves and come in many different looks. Many people prefer to use these as they are a bit raised, and you can clean it regularly if you are a cleanliness freak. Also, there are no panel edges that need to be cleaned here.

Walk-In Tubs

These are generally designed for senior people or for those with certain disabilities who may find it difficult to climb a regular tub. These have small flaps that work as a door to get inside. These have seats and railings on the sides so that people do not have to sit on the floor. These add safety and comfort to the entire bathing experience.

French Bateau Tubs

These kinds of tubs look like a toy floating on the water. Here, both ends of the tubs are raised and contain fixtures right in the middle so that they can be easily reached from either of the sides. They are available in many different finishes, the most popular being white porcelain, cast iron, and others.

Remember that each of these bathtubs will work best with specific kinds of bathroom interiors. So, when shopping for a bathtub, make sure that it complements the overall design and décor of your bathroom.

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