The Best Adjustable Bed Sets Buying Guide

More and more people are starting to love the idea of investing in adjustable beds because of its tremendous health benefits. This is also the reason why we see many brands and manufacturers today designing aesthetically-pleasing beds with top of the line features. Choosing the most suitable one may be daunting. Worry no more, as here is the best guide you can have with your adjustable bed sets shopping.

Why should you buy an adjustable base bed? Adjustable beds can give you not only your most comfortable position but also significantly improve your health. These beds improve your blood circulation and reduce swelling and joint pressure. Plus, these help you attain more natural breathing and minimize snoring.

The “head up” feature

With this feature, the top portion of the bed may be raised, so your back is better supported. You can actually “sit up” in bed when you have this feature. For a customized feel, you get to control how far up you wish the bed to be raised, using a remote control. When the bed head is adjusted, not only will you feel comfortable, but you can also take advantage of the benefits mentioned above.

The “head and foot up” feature

As its name implies, you can adjust the head and foot of the bed. This gives you control for the elevation of both your body and your legs to get that customized comfort. The feature is perfect for those suffering from swollen legs and tired feet because of poor circulation.

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Understanding “zero gravity.”

The term “zero-gravity” does not mean the absence of gravity per se but simply weightlessness. There are adjustable bases that provide this feature, designed to help release the pressure from the spine and legs. It mimics that “zero gravity” feel.

When you are in a zero-gravity position, the upper and lower parts of your body are both raised. Your legs will rest on your heart’s level, and your upper body is slightly raised upright in a reclining position. Your body can naturally relax in this position because this encourages weight distribution and improved circulation.

Wall-Hugging Tech Feature

As its name suggests, this feature keeps your adjustable base next to a wall. Thus, no matter how far back or forward you adjust, the core remains secured. Say, for instance, you wish the upper part of your bed to move forward so you can sit up. As you control your mattress to move forward, the bedstead’s entire base will also move back toward the wall.

Massage feature

Because of innovative technologies, some adjustable bed bases now come with a massage feature. It has long been proven how massage can effectively combat physical stress. Some benefits of massages include better circulation, induced relaxation, slowing down of the heartbeat, and help you achieve sleep faster. Adjustable beds with this feature allow you to choose from several intensity levels of massage.

Neck tilt feature

This power-operated neck support feature allows the bed to “tilt” forward. This way, you can comfortably sit back and watch your favorite movies without possible risks of neck strains. In most cases, sitting up in bed leads to neck-craning and subconscious hunching. But with this feature, your shoulders and neck can relax, resulting in deeper and more restorative sleep.

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When shopping for adjustable bed sets, it helps that you know the many features available. Narrow down your options; weigh down your choices until you finally invest in an adjustable bed frame.

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