A DIY Checklist: Is It Time To Buy Replacement Windows In Austin TX?

Do you ever really take the time to notice your windows. We kind of take them for granted, paying very little attention to these clear sheets of glass that do so much to protect your home.

Perhaps you had not noticed until recently that they were beginning to appear just a tad shabby. A little peeling of the paint here. Or a tiny crack in the frame there. You just thought it added character.

But then some other things began to happen. Your energy bills surged to levels higher than you’d ever experienced in the past. The cost of cooling your home under the hot Texas sun skyrocketed, yet you can never get your home quite cold enough to get that relief.

And, maybe, you began to lose some essential functionality. Locks no longer quite latched as securely. Opening the windows to enjoy a warm early spring afternoon breeze became a thing of the past—because raising the windows is something akin to wrestling a bear. And forget about closing them at the end of the day.

Yep, it sounds like you’re on the super highway to New Windowland.

Since you are an avid DIY enthusiast, you’ll want to assess whether you really do need to spend that budget. As you know, our Texas summers are hot. Replacement windows in Austin TX are a necessity. They do a large part in keeping our homes cool and comfy for the upcoming season.

Here are five of the primary signs which will help you to determine if you need new replacement windows.

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Window Condensation

Excessive window condensation is an absolute certain sign that your window seals are failing you. In most cases, you’ll notice condensation, moisture on the inside of your windows. This is more common during cooler weather. This moisture will always decrease your home energy efficiency.

Need to cut down your monthly energy bills? Then consider replacement windows that are energy star rated ensure lowered monthly/yearly energy bills and save money.

Drafty Windows

You may have noticed chilly drafts in your home during winter or “warm zones” in the summer. These are indicative of worn out seals or a weakening window frame. A repair such as sealing these leaky areas can be costly, time-consuming, and very little more than a short term solution.

When you wisely spend your money on replacement windows, you will ensure a stable temperature throughout your home. This means no more spiking energy bills because your HVAC system will require a much lowered load of power.

Rotting Window Frames

Does your home have wooden window frames? While wood is stylish and grand in appearance, they fall into decay quickly if they are not maintained regularly. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Rotting wood frames are dangerous and are a sign that your windows are in distress.
Not only are they structurally unsound and unsafe, but they also allow in moisture that can cause mold and mildews to penetrate and make you sick. Plus, they harbor pests like cockroaches that spread illness.

If you notice any signs or rot, mold, mildew, or bug holes in your wooden frame windows, you must address the issue sooner than later.

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Ineffective Windows

When you begin needing to use a lot of muscle to close or open your windows, then it’s an indicator that you need to consider some upgrading your windows. Your windows should open and close with minimal force. Unbalanced windows could also have been caused by poor alignment during installation all those years ago or by your home settling as it ages.

Outside Noise

Today’s windows feature soundproofing that allows you to get the rest and relaxation that you need each day.

Hearing tons of noise and music from your next neighbor’s home? Or does the noise from traffic out your windows cause you sleepless nights? All these are clear signs that your old windows are telling you they need replaced.


Replacement windows add energy efficiency and safety to your home. But they do so much more. This is a rare purchase that allows you to transform your home’s exterior. Make the upgrade to new windows, and you’ll amplify your curb appeal and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Author Bio: Dan Hatcher is the man behind zenwindowsaustin.com. As an almost 30 year window veteran, Dan has enjoyed getting to meet many homeowners in his beloved town of Austin, Texas.

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